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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

The infamous fighting game franchise, Mortal Kombat, is well known for its ultra-violent finishing moves, some of which were brutal enough to provoke nationwide censorship and a even a few lawsuits!

Part of the screwed up satisfaction of the games comes from discovering the shockingly graphic things you can do to your enemies, mutilating their bodies in ways the sickest of serial killers would never even dream of. YouTube user theRadBrad has compiled every fatality move from the latest and bloodiest title, Mortal Kombat X, and I want to instigate a test of your resolve.

Can you make it through the whole video without wincing? I hope you haven't just eaten. Expect to confront...

Ripped Spleens

Heads Facing the Wrong Direction

And Faces Being Forced Into Spinning Blades

Godspeed, you sadistic soul...

Source: theRadBrad


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