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For a little over a year now, fans of the RPG world of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series have been able to indulge themselves in the work of ZeniMax Online's, Elder Scrolls Online. But for many of us on the PC or MAC, it hasn't been easy from the outset. The idea that this game required a monthly subscription on top of an initial purchase was truly shocking, and it was indicative of the awful approach to money-grabbing that ZeniMax took with this glorious franchise.

In its current state, you can now pick up Elder Scrolls Online for a once-off payment in stores or on Steam, and from then on you are free to roam. This will naturally be the formula that ESO will adopt once it arrives on the XBOX One and PS4 on June 9th, 2015. But one question remains. Will it be worth moving from the PC to current gen consoles for the price of $20, and is ESO a game that you should pick up if you haven't yet wandered the Summerset Isles?

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

Is The Elder Scrolls Online Worth it On Xbox One and PS4?

In its infancy, as happens with a lot of MMOs, Elder Scrolls Online had serious issues. For starters, it was wildly expensive to start playing, and even then once you entered into the world, the cost of pivotal items, such as horses, were shockingly expensive. ZeniMax took an awful approach to in-game purchases with ESO and the rage was felt throughout the Elder Scrolls fan community. That's not to say that this has dwindled, but it has gotten a bit better.

But a lot of the greatest issues with Elder Scrolls Online came with its bugs and glitches. So many quests didn't work, there were problems with the factions in the game, the cues for dungeons and bosses were unforgivable, loading times were appalling, combat felt completely lacklustre and overall, we weren't impressed by the product we were handed.

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

But looking at the game in its current form, a great deal of its graphical issues, glitches and bugs have been amended through several patches. Almost all of the quests function perfectly in ESO, and they've made some fantastic alterations to the combat system and loading times. ZeniMax actually took the time to revisit combat in Elder Scrolls Online, reanimating impacts and design of certain attacks.

It's really appreciated and the game looks and feels a lot better to play a year into it. But that doesn't mean that it feels like the ultimate Elder Scrolls game that we wanted from the outset. However, now that this is a buy-to-play MMO, a lot of its initial grievances feel ironed out and streamlined.

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

But the Elder Scrolls Online still suffers from boring side quests, a restricting open world, non-engaging campaign moments, and a general lack of what makes the Elder Scrolls series so special. But if you're willing to put these issues aside, ESO can actually be a really great MMO. There are tons of hours that can be poured into levelling up your character, combat can be a real blast and I feel like it could actually really work so well on the Xbox One and PS4.

For those that have yet to jump into the world of Elder Scrolls Online, I think it's totally worth giving this MMO a chance on current gen platforms. Hopping over from the PC to the Xbox One or PS4 doesn't exactly seem very enticing to me though. But what do you think ESO fans? Will you be making the leap to consoles? Let us know in the comments!


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