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Have you ever seen this mysterious man in your dreams? If so do not be alarmed you're not alone. Thousands of people claim to have seen Him only in dreams But do not know Him in real life, Then Why does he appear when sleeping? ...

It is a face that has appeared in the dreams of thousands of people from different countries. His gaze is Peaceful, wide mouth, broad forehead, has little hair and arched eyebrows, above his big, black and impenetrable eyes. Some believe that is the face of God, and most, that is the face of a powerful psychic.

The story of "This Man"

On the month of January 2006, in New York, an important psychiatrist, like other days, opened the door to his office for a known patient. Unlike other days, this time the woman asked a blank to draw the face of a man who claimed to have seen several times in her dreams.

She had never seen Him awake: either in person or on television, internet, magazines, books or other means. The strange man belonged only In her dream life, and yet used to give advice about her personal life, showing he knew abundant details of her.

During this consultation, the woman and the psychiatrist talked about the mysterious man, but after the psychiatrist left the drawing of the patient on the desk, ignoring the issue. until one day, another patient who came for the first time since the drawing was done ,he noticed the portrait of the enigmatic man. The patient told him that he knew the man in the drawing, he had seen several times in his dreams, but never had met him while he was awake.

So as a good professional, the psychiatrist saw that the man was telling the truth (noting the movement of his hands, in the dilated and other details),

that left him puzzled and thoughtful about the man in the portrait, so he decided to send copies of drawing to some of his psychiatric colleagues who might have patients Dreaming with 'The Man'.

A couple of months later, the psychiatrist learned that all patients of His colleagues, to who he had sent the portrait, had recognized the mysterious man claiming That their patients have seen several times in dreams, but never in reality. Nobody put a name to the man of dreams, everyone referred to him as "this man" ("this man"), so "This Man" ended up becoming the most common way to designate.

Experts are still unable to find common links between those who have seen This Man; and, in parallel, has not reported any living man whose face matches the disturbing man who many have seen when sleep.

some dreams:
The dreams that are reported on This Man are so many that they could make a book with them, but not all can be found on the website and, of those that can be found, we have chosen three, putting them in exactly the words that were referred by the people who lived:

Dream1: "I saw this man in my dream, dressed as Santa Claus. When it appeared I was so happy, like when I was a little girl. Then he smiled and his head became a balloon, floating in the air above me, but no matter how hard I tried to catch him, I could not reach him. "

Dream2: "I have seen this man in three completely different dreams. It was slightly different from the picture, but I recognized him immediately. He suddenly appeared and disappeared in the same way. His message in all my three dreams was: "It's over". This was repeated three times in each of the dreams. The differences between the image and the man of my dreams are its hair was a little longer on top; his eyebrows were not as bushy. Beyond that it is identical. I was not afraid of him, but Had many questions. "

Dream3: "I've had this recurring dream for some years. A tall, dark, showing me a picture and asks me if I can recognize my father in it. The man in the photo is the man I've never seen before, he does not look at all like my father, however, inexplicably reply to recognize my father. At this point, I usually wake up feeling very calm. Sometimes the dream continues, and I am in front of the grave of my father, I put some flowers on the floor, and I realize that the photograph on the headstone is lost.

I hope you found this As disturbing as I Did.

I wish you Goodluck & a Goodnight Sleep.


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