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If you managed to, by any chance, save some VHS tapes, they could earn you a lot of money.

Namely, experts believe that VHS tapes are becoming popular again, just like the vinyl records. Because they gradually started disappearing from most of the households, many people began having these nostalgic emotions.

David Jinks, from the international courier company ParcelHero, states that the VHS tapes could soon be worth a lot of money.

Most people who bought the original 'The White Album' by The Beatles played the record until it eventually became virtually unplayable and got damaged, and none of them thought that some time in the future it may rise in value. Now the real version is estimated at around £ 7.000.

... says Jinks.

He explains that the similar situation may happen with the VHS tapes.

Have you managed to save some VHS tapes?


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