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Cindy James was described by her family as a young friendly, loving, kindhearted and very attentive, did not drink alcohol more than social drinks, do drugs, nor apparently had psychological problems whatsoever.

Cindy James was born in 1944, in her maturity she lived in a middle class neighborhood in Canada, She was married with a man, who was 18 years older than her. He was a doctor at the hospital where she worked as a nurse.
Months after divorcing her husband Cindy's life became hell.

A few weeks later, Cindy began to receive photos of dismembered corpses, sent to her via mail, she would recieve pieces of rotting flesh, She said there was countless times when she had felt someone walking around the back of her house.

In 1982 she found a note in her driveway very threatening, Cindy called the police to tell them all that had been happening to her and the police worked as usual that day, surveillances for the neighborhood doubled and a police Man was to stay infront of her door, some how that was not enough for the mysterious Mad Man stalker, because the next morning was left another note. Cindy James Told police she belived her stalker was her ex husband 'Roy Makepeace', She phoned him and confronted him, but there where no evidence that he was Cindy's Stalker.. However Roy Makepeace gave to the police a Tape of a Disturbing message left on his Answering Machine.

The Tape of a Disturbing Voice message:

harassment did not stop there, The threatening notes was becoming more frequent, So an investigation into the case was opened, officers patrolled night and morning shifts, but this was far from solving the problem, The Backyard Lights were frequently broken, Dead cats hanging on the tree, On her yard were, Non-stop photos of dismembered corpses being sent to her, and her house had been set on fire Twice.

unfortunately Cindy would not enjoy the privilege of police Staying by her house 24/7, So when the patrols left the place, Cindy received another attack, someone broke all the lights again, When the police visited the scene they found more than she had said, there was broken windows, broken bulbs, slashed pillow, and cut phone wires.
Based on the strange topic Eventually the police began to Suspects the idea that Cindy James is her own stalker, since the deaths of the animals to the photos of corpses, as she worked at the hospital it would be easy for her to grab some pictures. The case kept becoming even more difficult to solve, who would have thought Cindy would set her own house on fire.

One night the neighbors called 911, because they heard screaming, hitting, things breaking out of the property of Cindy, several police cars arrived they found Cindy crying with a nylon stocking tied at the neck, police looked into her face as if to say again she's crazy.

Nights later the same thing happened only this time when the police came, Cindy had a knife across her hand. The lack of evidence, the frequency of attacks there was no evidence of someone moving around the Cindy's property , everything seemed like a plan to anybody who believed Cindy was sick in the head. Although its hard to believe what I tell you, property damage, dead animals, pictures and physical attacks... She lasted no more and no less than six years.

Cindy had not only moved house, but also changed her name,and hired a private detective who quit shortly after the case cause he never found anything else, So there was a reason why the police and everyone thought to cling to the theory of Cindy's Disorder.

On May 25, 1989, James disappeared. Her car was discovered in a local neighborhood, with groceries and a wrapped gift in the backseat and blood found in the car. Items from Cindy's wallet were found lying underneath the car. Their families joined for a proposal, officers assured them that a mentally ill would not go very far therefore sooner or later she will appear .

Picture Of Cindy James with her arms and Legs tied behind her back
Picture Of Cindy James with her arms and Legs tied behind her back

Two weeks later, on June 8, James' body was discovered in the backyard of an abandoned house in a ditch with her arms tied behind her back, full of backstabbing and strangled with hands, Autopsy reports concluded James had died as a result of a barbiturate overdose and possible strangulation..This Case is not only infamous, many say it's a supernatural event, If you put yourself in Cindy's shoes and how she had to live all these horrible and horrifying Years.

I hope you found this As disturbing as I Did.
I wish you Goodluck & a Goodnight Sleep.


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