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Not too long ago, DC comics released some pictures which gave us our first look at their famed trinity post New 52. The pictures (below) were met with mixed responses with many approving of Wonder Woman and most agreeing that Superman just looks like Superboy. However, the one that stirred the nest the most was Batman. For two reasons: he's now in a mech-suit that looks an awful lot like a bunny and he's holding a gun. Meaning that it looked like he had, for some reason, broken his rule about using guns - an extension of his big "no killing" rule. Understandably this wasn't taken well, despite the minimal information we had on the change at the time.

However, La Covacha have uncovered new information with regards to the new Batman. It is in fact, Commissioner Gordon inside the suit. This information is courtesy of a page of the new post-New 52 Batman run that they have scanned and published online which you can see here. In the page before, he is apparently asked the question, "Are you ready to be Batman...", just to clarify what he's saying with his "Absolutely not" statement.

That is a very interesting development, one which opens up more questions than it answers: what happened to Bruce Wayne? Why is the GCPD replacing Batman instead of one of the Robins? Why Gordon? Why a mech-suit? But alas, we shall have to wait to see the answers to any of these. But there is one question that we can at least try to answer right now...

Is this a good idea?

The answer to this is objective and, of course, depends on how it's pulled off. But in my (not so humble) opinion, hell yeah it's a cool idea! Jim Gordon is one of the most tragically underexposed characters in Gotham City, having never had his own series. Sadly there are only a few stories that center on him and the GCPD. Now this is a chance to show off his character in a new light, and beyond that, this is an idea which simply has tons of story potential.

1.) No holds barred

Think about it, Batman is no longer a vigilante, he's a cop. Gordon may not have the same level of abilities as Bruce Wayne, but he'll have a gun in his hand and a license to kill if necessary (not to mention those shoulder mounted rocket launchers). In other words; the next time the Joker comes a-terrorizing, he's not going to Arkham, he's getting a cap in his ass. He'll also have the entire resources of the police behind him, back-up, snipers, air support, etc. The leaked page also implies that he has a Batmobile, and if that suit is anything to go on, I can't wait to see what the GCPD have slapped onto that.

2.) A legacy

Living up to the mantle of Batman is not easy. Just ask Terry McGuiness (Batman Beyond) or Dick Grayson (Nightwing/Robin) who have both taken on the mantle. On top of the difficulty of keeping the world's most crime-filled city safe, you have to live up to the legacy left to you by the guy Superman once called "the most dangerous man on the planet." There's a chance that Gordon might even begin to question whether or not he should take up Batman's no killing rule after stepping into his shoes. That would be pretty interesting to see.

3.) Batman vs. Darkseid

The cover of the upcoming series 'Divergence' seems to be telling us that Gordon-Batman is going up against Darkseid. A literal god that rules over a planet of warriors with advanced tech and superpowers and who has singlehandedly beaten Superman into the dust on numerous occasions. And seeing the woefully underprepared Jim Gordon go up against that sounds simultaneously terrifying and awesome. Even just forgetting the promise that this guarantees a fun spectacle, seeing the sarcastic Commissioner comment on such an occasion (and similar ones he is bound to encounter) is sure to provide some comedy gold.

Wrapping up...

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed it. If so, I have a YouTube channel over at Eneition where I do similar things, so feel free to check that out. I like to think we do good stuff. But what are your guys' thoughts? Are you a fan of Commissioner Gordon being in the Batsuit or do you think it's a stupid idea? Let us know below and until next time, enjoy your lives!


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