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The first season of Fargo defied all expectations by creating a television series that not only can stand alongside the classic Coen Bros movie but at times even felt like it was surpassing the high standard of dark comedy and murder that the movie set.

Fargo Season 2 Casting Roll Call

Fargo Season 2 is looking to keep the momentum of that first season going by traveling back in time to tell a prequel tale of the dark past that was hinted at by Keith Carradine's Lou Solverson in season one. The season will be set in 1979 and focus on Lou (Patrick Wilson this time around) returning from Vietnam, joining the police force and running into all sorts of problems with the Gerhardt crime family that culminates in the tragic event in Sioux Falls.

Fargo Season 2 revisits Lou in 1979.
Fargo Season 2 revisits Lou in 1979.

The amazing cast includes Ted Danson, Nick Offerman (as lawyer named Karl Weathers) Jean Smart, Jeffrey Donovan, Kieran Culkin, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons. It definitely looks like the success of the first season has allowed the second season to get draw together one of the best ensembles any television show has ever put together.

Ronald Reagan Finds a Voice & Chin

But there was one role that was hinted at when the season was announced that caught the attention of many people - Ronald Reagan. The creator and mastermind of the Fargo TV show, Noah Hawley, explained that the season would take place with the first presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan as a backdrop to the event of the second season with the character of Reagan not just appearing as a figure on TV or in the background, but actually interacting with the characters.

And now we have a face - and a chin - to put on the Fargo Season 2 character of presidential candidate Ronald Reagan: Bruce Campbell. Yes, the actor perhaps best known as Ash from San Raimi's Evil Dead movies and the show Burn Notice will be returning to television as Ronald Reagan. Perhaps it isn't too surprising since Campbell and Raimi have a long and storied connection to the Coen Bros back to the early 80s when they were all friends breaking into the movie business together.

Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz

Speaking of Ash and those Evil Dead beginnings for Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, there's the big news about their return to the Deadite saga, the Starz television show Ash vs Evil Dead. Raimi will be directing at least the first episode of the series starring Campbell as Ash, who has spent the past 30 years with a serious case of post-Army of Darkness PTSD. But a Deadite plague emerges and calls Ash back into world-saving duty.

Joining the cast is Lucy Lawless, yes Xena: Warrior Princess herself - another Sam Raimi produced show that Bruce Campbell was no stranger to, as a mysterious character who is intent on getting to the bottom of this Deadite problem and is quick to realize that Ash may be the unwitting cause of all of this.

Both Fargo Season 2 and Ash vs Evil Dead have a release window for making their debuts at some point in the fall of 2015. While there are no shortage of great obsession-worthy television shows these days - these two are sounding promising enough to mark your calendars for. To hell with productivity - more quality television!

What do you think? Are you excited for the return of the Evil Dead saga in the form of a TV show? Looking forward to heading back to the world of [Fargo](series:1076400) ? Sound off in the comments below, dear reader!


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