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Dead Space 4 was recently discussed with those at Visceral Games. Apparently, this series is engrained within the mentality of this triple A developer. They share a great love for the series, as does the gaming world, and they'd love to be able to take a chance on returning to it once again on the XBOX One and PS4. The question is whether EA will allow them to, following the lukewarm reception and sales of Dead Space 3.

But we all know why Dead Space 3 didn't succeed; EA. Well of course, EA funded both of the first games, however. In an attempt to broaden the series' appeal (as if it needed it), they decided to turn the third instalment of the series into a banal third-person shooter. The horror elements were drastically reduced and the game just felt like it lost all of its soul as it became about huge monsters and big epic battles. It almost seemed like Dead Space 3 swapped with the awful Lost Planet games.

Dead Space 4
Dead Space 4

So now, after the mistakes that EA made with the name, it seems they've decided to put the series on ice (oh wait....they already did that) as they focus their attention on their larger franchises. Battlefield and Star Wars are their obsessions, and though I thought Battlefield: Hardline wasn't actually that bad at all, in fact I kinda liked it, it still feels like Visceral could be doing more exciting things in the video game industry.

They have so much talent and seeing them waste it on a sub-par Battlefield game is a bit disheartening. However, it seems they have a much more exciting future ahead of them with the secret Star Wars game that EA has them working on. But what about the future? Could Dead Space 4 still get a release date for the Xbox One and PS4?

Dead Space 4
Dead Space 4

Will Dead Space 4 Get A Release Date?

So what do you think gamers? After the flop that Dead Space 3 turned out to be, which is really surprising considering how fantastic Dead Space 2 is, do you feel that EA could still give the series another chance? Personally, I'd love to see them move away from Isaac and try for a new protagonist and setting. Survival horror can really work in mainstream, just look at Alien: Isolation!

I still recall how terrified I used to be while playing Dead Space on the Xbox 360. It really felt like it came out of nowhere, and it was endlessly surprising to me how good the game was to play. The story was engaging, the ability to dismember your enemies was so cool and the weapons were varied and glorious to fire. Dead Space 4 needs to happen people!

Dead Space 4
Dead Space 4

Is the Secret Star Wars Game a Revival of Star Wars: 1313?

In addition to wanting a Dead Space 4, I feel like I desperately need to know what EA's additional Star Wars title is after [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021). Could it be a revival of that amazing-looking Star Wars: 1313? Or is it something completely different? What would you want it to be gamers?

Be sure to let us know what you're more excited for in the comments, be it Dead Space 4, Star Wars: 1313 or another secret Star Wars project!


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