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We've know for awhile that the [Titans](series:2265361) TNT roster will consist of Night Wing, Raven, Star fire, Oracle and Hawk and Dove. What we don't know if its going to be in the same universe as the Flash, Arrow, Arrow/Flash spin off, and Vixen. Here are some of my theories that may connect the CW verse to the Titans show.

1. Roy Harper from [Arrow](series:720988) will join the roster.

Will Roy Harper leave Arrow?
Will Roy Harper leave Arrow?

We know that given the hints and tweets that Stephen Amell has posted about episode 19 of Arrow titled Broken Arrow that something will happen to one of the main cast members of Arrow. Now I don't know if it will be someone dying or a character leaving but I do think that it'll be Roy Harper to leave the Arrow team to go off on his own which will eventually lead to the Titans team.

2. Wally West will show up in Season 2 of the Flash which also could led him to join the Titans show.

The Teen Titans are yet to meet live action
The Teen Titans are yet to meet live action

There have been reports that the creators of

want to introduce wally west in season 2 of the flash. If these reports are true then we can see him joining a growing list of characters on the titans show. He will need some experience in the hero field so what better than joining a young hero team.

3. H.I.V.E. will be a big part of Arrow and Flash which could also bridge the gap of Titans.

Will H.I.V.E make an appearance on Flarrow?
Will H.I.V.E make an appearance on Flarrow?

H.I.V.E. is a huge enemy of the teen titans as villains such as Death stroke and Queen Bee have been constant enemies of the Titans. We know that H.I.V.E. will a big part of Arrow season 4 as confirmed by actor David Ramsey/Diggle. H.I.V.E. could crossover to Titans and The Flash as they could be one of the most formidable enemies that can affect both Flarrow and the Titans.

What do you guys think? Do you think the Titans and the Flarrow verse can crossover?


Will Titans crossover with Arrow and The Flash?


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