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SMASHING! I can still clearly hear Tim Curry's voice loudly proclaiming his catchphrase more than fifteen years later.

As a kid, I used to love having milk and chocolate chip cookies while watching Nickelodeon's The Wild Thornberrys after finishing up my homework. Even though I had an amazing childhood filled with playtime and imagination, I was more than slightly jealous that Eliza Thornberry had a father with a sick British accent, an adopted brother that was raised by orangutans, the ability to communicate with animals, and a two-story mobile home that traversed the wilderness.

Darwin the chimp
Darwin the chimp

I am currently in my mid-twenties and I STILL wish I could communicate with animals and have a pet chimpanzee, but, at this stage, I have to be realistic. I am way too busy to take care of myself, let alone a monkey.

It seems that these two people are actually living out the dream of possibly being the Thornberrys as they don spot-on outfits resembling Eliza and her father Nigel.

So Wild

They have the gingery hair and the outfits down to the tee.

Father, Daughter, and an Orangutan

Nigel's gigantic prosthetic nose and incredibly bushy eyebrows and mustache are really intense. This man, however, captures the essence of Nigel in his expression of wonderment.

Adventures Galore

I'm freaking out a little bit...their teeth look like my chinchilla's.

Except she needs to bleach her teeth a bit.

Best Buddies

The chimp looks a little tired. Or maybe he's weary of Eliza's huge retainer. Where's Debbie when you need some fashion advice?

Part of me finds this so adorable, and the other part of me finds this a little strange. It is indeed shocking to see the cartoon characters that you've grown up with come to life. I am now, however, craving an adventure to the wilderness where I can watch monkeys interact with each other.

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