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Kristin Lai

This creepy yet endearing short film, How to Make a Nightmare, written and directed by Noah Aust, is a fascinating look into where our deepest, darkest nightmares come from.

According to How to Make a Nightmare, the source of our most terrifying dreamscapes comes from a pair of monsters who dig through our worst memories and emotional baggage to create nightmares that will terrorize their targets.

But what happens when one of the monsters grows fond of Julia, the woman on the other end of their work?

The fantastic makeup (shoutout to the makeup artist, Jill Pelentay) along with the mix of live-action and stop-motion animation, is extremely well executed and used to blur the lines between dreams and "reality."

I won't spoil the ending for you, so check out Noah Aust's film below to get an idea of what's really keeping you up at night:

To see more of Noah Aust's eerie work and to learn more about his upcoming projects, be sure to visit his website.


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