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I have been a fan of CW’s Arrow and [The Flash](series:1068303) since day one. Lately though, I have started to see some cracks in the armor. I am starting to believe the network is spreading itself too thin. Arrow was much better early on when it was CW’s only superhero show. [Arrow](series:720988) maintained most of its quality when The Flash first appeared. Lately though, with rumors of additional shows acquiring pilots, the quality of both shows has dropped. That is beside the point though. My real fear is that the CW model will eventually kill both programs.

Let me first start off by saying, if you like both programs, that is great. So do I. The CW is a horrible network, but I do like Arrow and The Flash. I am objective enough to see flaws in both shows though. Please do not be overprotective of Arrow and The Flash. They have issues and they could be better. I imagine your inner fan boy or fan girl is fuming at the thought of someone criticizing your favorite show, but do not defend bad writing and bad acting. Fans should demand improvements from the network if they really love something. With that said, let’s get back on topic.

What is the “CW model”? The CW model is something I have come up. It is basically a guide to making a CW show. So here it is:

-Come up with an idea for a show.

-Fill out the cast with model-esque individuals.

-Make sure almost none of those individuals can act.

-Give everyone a love interest.

-Abandon the good parts of the show.

-Turn the show into a glorified soap opera where anything can happen. (death, love triangles, disease, emotional issues, etc.)

That is what the latest episodes of Arrow and The Flash have become to me. They have become glorified soap operas. Last night’s The Flash was not good. It had two fake deaths, a lame villain, and love issues. Last week’s Arrow was not good either. It had family issues, a possible death, a horrible comic relief, and a gross misinterpretation of the law. Maybe I am overreacting. Maybe the latest episodes are anomalies. Maybe the shows will improve. Maybe I am expecting too much out of CW programming. That is a lot of maybes though.

The CW seems so determined to expand and have a Justice League type show or connected television universe that they are ignoring the quality of their current hits. That is the definition of greed. That is the definition of spreading yourself too thin. That is why I think the “CW model” could eventually kill Arrow and The Flash. Only time will tell if I am right or wrong. The CW should watch out though. With Marvel expanding to Netflix, it gives them the availability to do things that DC cannot do on network television.

The shows need to get back to the basics. They need to stop having so much going on. A superhero/comic book show should be about heroes fighting villains. Sprinkle in a little bit of their day-to-day life and stop. I know you are the CW, but quit making everyone fall in love with each other. We do not need love triangles. We also do not need fake deaths. People can be in trouble without dying. Do not be lazy with your creativity. If things do not improve on the CW, their shows could become Constantine….cancelled.


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