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If you're going to go ahead and get bit by a zombie, that zombie might as well be sexy. Like, I wouldn't even be that upset to go out like that. How can a zombie be sexy? Yeah, simply put, it's not easy, but these 10 sexy zombies are straight up amazing and if the zombie apocalypse was in full swing, I might take the bullet and get bit by one to let my crew get away.

Check them out and comment below if you agree.

7. This zombie from Land of the Dead

She had no name but she stole our hearts regardless.

6. Tracy from All Cheerleaders Die

She was a popular girl in school... was probably annoying as a non-undead person, but now that she's a zombie I am down I guess to get bit by her.

5. Tori from Remains

She became a zombie only at the end. She was annoying but amazing all at once. One key feature of her zombie-self is that she doesn't look AS dead as some of the others.

4. Cara from Flight of the Living Dead

I am not even sure how sexy she is with all of that blood on her face, but something about her clicked for me in the movie. Also, her highlights still look pretty good.

3. Samantha from Contracted

I like her just because I can tell she used to be pretty. It would be difficult to look her in the eye, but if she killed me I would get over it as long as it meant others would survive.

2. Kat from Zombie Strippers

Zombies who are strippers? Sign me up. I don't know if you have a thing for blondes, but Kat was probably my fav. I'd take a bite in the Champagne Room if I truly had to.

1. 406 from Zombieland

Not only is this probably the best movie on this list, I thought Amber Heard did an amazing job pulling off sexy zombie-ness here. I would take the bite and then probably try to have some kind of zombie relationship with her if that was at all possible.

Wow, what a list. I would try to get away, but they could all bite me if it became necessary for some of my friends to get away. I would truly take one for the team with any of these gorgeous zombie ladies!

If you needed a refresher on Zombieland, here's the trailer below for your enjoyment!


Who was the sexiest zombie?

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