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One night, a friend of mine was asleep at his house, when he suddenly opened his eyes and saw the silhouette of a figure standing right in front of him. The once-closed window was now fully open, curtains billowing behind the mysterious shadow.

My friend noticed that the intruder was tall, with long fingers and an extremely large head. Thinking this was nothing more than a home invasion, he grabbed hold of his blanket with the intent to spring up and wrap the figure in it. As soon as he gathered the courage and jumped out of bed, he covered the stranger and held him in a tight grip.

When he finally took off the blanket, he noticed that the lanky form had disappeared. To this day, my friend claims it was an experience with an alien.

The existence of aliens has been a much-debated topic for centuries, as images of aliens appear on cave drawings and on people's cameras when snapping photos. Endless witness accounts are told, some even claiming to have been abducted and taken up to their spacecrafts.

Below is a collection of freaky photos which people claim definitively proves that aliens exists.

1. Alien in Khaki

This alien has very human-like features, clearly displaying a look of discomfort on his face. It seems strange that we are so similar to such a foreign and unknown being.

2. Uniformed Man Knows Something We Don't

This man's face says it all. I think we are all in absolute shock that an alien body is lying directly in front of him.

3. Alien Covering Face From Camera

This alien was caught sneaking through the trees. It clearly knows where the camera is, as he is attempting to hide, much like a celebrity covering their face from the paparazzi.

4. 100-Watt Smile

If I could meet any alien, I'd hope to run into one like this one, smiling and looking incredibly joyful. Unless, of course, smiling is a sign of anger where they are from.

5. Alien Autopsy

This alien appears as if it has been taken to the lab, about to have many tests performed on him.

6. Itty Bitty Alien

I wonder if this is a baby alien or if it's just a really small alien that has already grown to a full adult size. Maybe aliens don't even age? Will we ever know?

7. Alien/Nazi Alliance

This photo captures a handshake between a Nazi soldier and an alien. I wonder if they were somehow in cahoots with each other.

8. A Secret Gathering

This photo captures two aliens meeting in secret among the trees. I wonder what they are discussing.

9. Ready for the Close Up

Staring off to the side, this alien was caught ambling through some tall brush.

10. A Family Outing

This family takes a casual stroll through the trees, holding onto an alien child. I wonder if the baby belongs to any of them.

11. Into the Woods

Cheese! This photographer snapped a picture of a carefree alien dashing through the forest.

I'm not sure if we can debunk these pictures and come to a conclusive resolution. So for now the question still stands. However, my friend swears he saw an alien one memorable night as it stood staring at him.

There have been times I have seen a strange flash of light in the sky or I have felt someone's eyes on me. And I have to admit, it definitely gets me wondering about the possibilities unexplored in the infinite sky.

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