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When I was growing up, Disney Channel was a luxury. Most of my friends had basic cable, and my parents certainly weren't shelling out for any premium packages just so I could watch Bug Juice. Nope, Disney Channel Original Movies and a wonderful lack of commercials would have to wait until satellite dishes started falling from the sky.

You might be wondering, "how did you survive this sadistic treatment and still remain capable of drafting a quiz on Disney Channel knowledge?" A fair and astute question with a very simple answer: Grandma. That's right, the bonafide family matriarch had access to my most coveted channel, and I got my fill between cookie breaks and reprimands for spilling grape juice on the white carpet.

If I was able to consume the Disney Channel classics under these conditions, surely you can pass the quiz with ease. Test your Grandma-approved Disney knowledge, and let me know your results!


1. What was Zenon's nonsensical catchphrase?

Answer: Zetus Lapetus


2. What was the name of the entertainment news show featuring teenagers and upcoming Disney movies that came on between shows?

Answer: Movie Surfers


3. Which of the following is NOT a classic line/catchphrase from 'That's So Raven'?

Answer: Good god get a grip, girl!


4. What were the names of Louis Stevens' best friends in 'Even Stevens'?

Answer: Twitty and Tawny


5. What was the only sport Lizzie McGuire ever excelled in?

Answer: Rhythmic gymnastics


6. Who sang "Call Me, Beep Me," Kim Possible's theme song?

Answer: Christina Milian


7. Which Proud Family character is named after a popular street in Los Angeles?

Answer: LaCienaga


8. What was the name of The Famous Jett Jackson's alter ego?

Answer: Silverstone


9. What did the 'Stepsister from Planet Weird' fear the most?

Answer: The wind


10. In the Disney original series 'The Jersey', what power did the titular garment give the main characters?

Answer: It transports them into the bodies of professional athletes

How did your Disney Channel knowledge stack up? Let me know your score and your thoughts in the comments!


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