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From the Mickey Mouse Club to Disney Channel stars, plenty of Hollywood's biggest stars got their start working for the Walt Disney Company. Whether it be Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, or Shia LaBeouf, Disney has been designing some of the best entertainers in the business for decades. It's goes without saying that the entertainment company has a serious eye for talent.

Even though not everyone was lucky enough to become a Mouseketeer, sometimes even some of Disney Parks' cast members were destined for greatness. Here are seven celebrities who got their humble start working at the Disney Parks:

1. Steve Martin

Before Steve Martin became the famous comedian, actor, and musician that we all know and love, he sold guidebooks in the park from 1955 to 1958, and in 1960 he got a job as a magician in the Fantasyland Magic Shop. Check out this old video of some of Steve Martin's comedic tricks!

2. Michelle Pfeiffer

In the 1970s, prior to her breakout performance in Scarface, the stunning, 20-something Michelle Pfeiffer put on a petticoat and played Alice from Alice in Wonderland during the Main Street Electrical Parade.

3. Kevin Costner

Like a few other people on the list, actor Kevin Costner got one of his first acting gigs from Disney as a Jungle Cruise skipper. Not only did this give him some acting training, but it also let him play Prince Charming after introducing him to his first wife, Cindy Silva, who played Snow White at the time. The two were married from 1978 to 1994.

4. John Lasseter

Right: Leo Holzer
Right: Leo Holzer

Today, John Lasseter is the chief creative officer for Pixar Animation and the Principal Creative Advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering. But when he was a student at CalArts, he started working during summers at the Disneyland Parks in Anaheim as a Jungle cruise skipper. In 2005, during the 50th Anniversary kick-off, Lasseter stepped back up to the bow for a reunion Jungle Tour.

5. Wayne Brady

We all know Wayne Brady from the hilarious show Whose Line Is it Anyway, but before doing on-camera improv, the 16-year-old Brady played Tigger at Disney World in Florida. The actor recalled one instance in which he passed out from overheating in the costume. He once said in an interview, "Inside that costume it was about 90,000 degrees. I should have paced myself. But I fell flat on my face. They carried me off with my recorded voice still going, 'Ooh-hoo-hoo!'"

6. Kevin Richardson

Before rising to fame as one of the Backstreet Boys, Kevin Richardson worked at Disneyland playing character roles like Aladdin and Prince Eric, he even donned one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' costumes.

7. Teri Garr

The gorgeous Teri Garr has the look and wit of a Disney Princess, but back in her Disney Parks days she worked as an unnamed parade dancer.

Bonus: Robin Williams

I'm not going to count this as a part of the list since it isn't confirmed, but rumor has it that the late, great Robin Williams used to work as a tour guide on Disney's Jungle Cruise ride before working for the big man as a voice actor. It's not hard to believe this could be true! Playing a wise-cracking Skipper would have been the perfect job for him while pursuing his standup comedy.

I don't know about you guys, but working at Disneyland sounds like a pretty awesome, albeit exhausting, gig. If it involves hanging out with fun creative types like this, I'm all the more interested!

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