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Before I joined the hoards of Doctor Who fans, I'm not ashamed to say that I got my television time travel kicks from another, more juvenile source. That's right! I was a fan of the Disney Channel original series Phil of the Future. Here's the theme song in case you needed a refresher:

The story looks at your average American family, except they're time travelers from the year 2121 who accidentally got stuck in 2004. Although it only lasted a brief two seasons (2004-2006), watching a house full of holograms and missing pinky toes was always entertaining. So, what is the cast of Phil of the Future up to in 2015? Keep reading and find out!

Phil Diffy - Raviv "Ricky" Ullman

Raviv Ullmam, who used to go by his stage name "Ricky," played the oldest son of the Diffy family and the show's main protagonist, Phil. Even though he was a 22nd century man, he tended to fit in with the times better than most of his family.

Today, 29-year-old Raviv Ullman continues to act on various TV shows. He's had roles on recognizable shows like House, Criminal Minds, and Broad City, and he played Kip on the Lifetime show Rita Rocks. Ullman is also a musician and played the drums and glockenspiel in the band Goodbye Ian, before joining the band Reputante.

Keely Teslow - Aly Michalka

Aly Michalka played Phil Diffy's best friend turned girlfriend, and the only person in the present (now past, I guess) privy to the Diffy's secret. The aspiring news reporter was always bright and animated, although sometimes she couldn't help but get caught up in using Phil's future technology.

Since starring in Phil of the Future, Aly Michalka has had a relatively successful career as both a musician and actress. Her most notable film roles since the conclusion of the series include working alongside Emma Stone in Easy A and playing Tracy in The Roommate. She also played Marti Perkins in The CW's Hellcats, and Brooke in Two and a Half Men. She continues to sing and play guitar and piano with her sister in the band 78violet, formerly Aly & AJ.

Pim Diffy - Amelia Bruckner

Even though Pim was two years younger than Phil, she was definitely the boss of the Diffy household. She's equal parts smart and mischievous, making her a pretty fierce seventh grader.

After playing Bess in Nancy Drew back in 2007 and voicing Haley Long on Disney Channel's animated series American Dragon: Jake Long, Amy Bruckner took a break from acting to focus on her education. She attended NYU's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts where she studied Feminist Theory. Bruckner has recently returned to acting and her returning role was playing Frankie in the Lifetime movie Assault. Based on her Instagram account, it seems that Amelia has fully 'Longbottomed' and grown out of her awkward stage into a beautiful young woman.

Barbara Diffy - Lise Colleen Simms

Castle [Credit: ABC]
Castle [Credit: ABC]

Barbara Diffy was the mom of Phil and Pim. While she was a great, loving parent, she also knew to let her children learn their lessons and oftentimes figure things out for themselves. And while she was better suited for spraying food out of a can, she loved trying to cook the old fashioned way.

Like most of her costars, Lise Colleen Simms has kept a steady flow of acting work since being on Phil of the Future. Simms has made minor appearances on iCarly, 90210, United States of Tara, Switched at Birth, Bones and Grey's Anatomy. She also played Dr. Sedwick on the long-running daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives, from 2008 to 2012.

Lloyd Diffy - Craig Anton

Maron [Credit: IFC]
Maron [Credit: IFC]

Craig Anton played Lloyd, the goofy, yet paranoid, dad that helped keep the Diffy gang together. Since he was an engineer in 2121, he was dealt the task of fixing the family's time machine and getting them back to their century.

Craig Anton has had a ton of, mostly comedic, acting credits since playing Lloyd Diffy. For 22 episodes at the same time as Phil of the Future, Anton voiced the City Council on Cartoon Network's animated series Tom Goes to Mayor, created by the hilarious Tim and Eric. He's also had roles on popular shows such as Workaholics, Pretend Time, Weeds, Two Broke Girls, Bob's Burgers, International Ghost Investigators, and Comedy Bang! Bang!

Looking back, I still think this show was canceled far too soon. Maybe even in 2004 it was just a bit too ahead of its time.

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Bonus: Both Brenda Song (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Dads) and Evan Peters (American Horror Story) played supporting characters in Phil of the Future as Tia and Seth Wosmer, respectively. Since they were each only in a handful of episodes, I didn't feel the need to write about their characters at length. Plus, I think we all know what they're up to today!


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