ByMax Elliot Watson, writer at
Max Elliot Watson

Despite many rumours surrounding Quicksilver's fate at the end of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035), I believe Hulk is the character that is most at risk. Out of the six primary Avengers, if you count Hawkeye, Hulk is the only character that has not been cast in a phase 3 film. The MCU has seemed to mistreat Hulk by not giving him his own movie, apart from the 2008 Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner himself. Mark Ruffolo's incarnation is by far the best we have seen on film so could Marvel not have created a phase 3 Hulk movie because the character dies in Age of Ultron? As regarding Quicksilver and the other two additions Scarlett Witch and the Vision, Joss Whedon himself has said how pointless it is to introduce characters for them to die straight away. This seems to safeguard the new recruits and therefore the primary Avengers are at risk. The MCU has certainly cowered from death will every character presumed dead coming back to life (Fury, Coulson) and so a death is well needed and what better way is there to introduce death by killing a main avenger, and a fan favourite. Hulk seems to be a character that is surplus to requirements in phase 3, so why not kill him off in Avengers: Age of Ultron


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