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The show My Wife & Kids existed during a time when multi-cam sit-coms were all the rage. The model was to get writers who had quality jokes in a room crafting a world that typically existed from the perspective of one family, one group of friends, one office, etc.

My Wife & Kids wasn't doing anything that The Cosby Show or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air didn't do, but it had its own twist and featured the extremely likable and entertaining Damon Wayans, who also produced the show.

There's a chance that this is controversial, but Damon Wayans was probably my favorite Wayans brother. There, I said it. Major Payne changed my life for the better, as a young, impressionable kid. There are a lot of Wayans brothers to choose from so that is truly saying a lot.

Meanwhile, like, how did this cast get so attractive?

Michael Kyle (Played by Damon Wayans)

Damon Wayans is multi-faceted in his talents, writing and producing for this show, while also starring as the hapless father who can't seem to keep his family in order. He's written for a good deal of shows recently, including TV series Rodney.

He took the role as Michael towards the tail-end of his career, but he has some classic acting credits under his belt - In Living Color, Bamboozled, Major Payne, Blankman, etc. put him on the map.

Janet 'Jay' Kyle (Played by Tisha Campbell-Martin)

Janet, more commonly referred to as 'Jay' on the show, is the matriarch and voice of reason on the show. I guess you could consider her to be the "straight-woman," in a comedic sense.

At the time, the show was one of the first to talk about middle-class black families and discuss stereotypes surrounding the structure (or lack thereof) of black families. The family showed the same dysfunctionality you can find in any family.

Tisha Campbell-Martin came from another popular black sit-com, Martin, and was able to transition well as Wayans' wife. She appeared in a good number of TV shows on and off after My Wife & Kids finished.

Michael Kyle Jr. (Played by George Gore II)

Michael Jr., was typical of a lot of these types shows at the time, but he was a little bit different. They made him a comic book nerd who wanted to chase girls. The bottom line was that he was a young kid going through puberty with a lot of questions about what to do with his young life. Think Eddie from Family Matters, but a little less one-dimensional.

George Gore II, who played the part, was most recently in Second Generation Wayans, which was honestly not so great. It definitely underperformed and was canceled after one season.

Kady Kyle (Played by Parker McKenna Posey)

She was the cute young one and she clearly stayed cute... but kind of in a different way. Parker McKenna Posey is incredibly sexy, as you can see, and it makes me feel a little bit weird, strictly due to the fact that when I was watching the show she was still a young'n.

Look out for her new projects, a thriller called 90 Minute of the Fever and another feature called This Is Real. I'm pretty sure at this point, I will watch almost anything that she puts out.

Claire Kyle (Played by Jennifer Freeman)

Another drop-dead gorgeous alum of the show, Jennifer Freeman played the older sister, Claire, on the show. She was the classic middle child sister who was going through the awkward teenage phase of hating your parents, having your first crush, wanting a bra, etc.

Lord have mercy, how did this cast get so hot? Now, as you can see, she's attractive and still super talented. She was on a couple episodes of the hilarious Kevin Hart show The Real Husbands of Hollywood. She also was in Jada, The Caretaker, and Falling Away.

Franklin Aloysius Mumford (Played by Noah Gray-Cabey)

Yet another young member of the show who grew up into a hunky dude. This is starting to get insane! Franklin was Kady's playmate and "boyfriend." I guess they cast this show with some serious instincts... if this show had run a bit longer, there would have been almost no drop-off in these actors due to their great looks.

He was on the popular show Heroes and appeared in The Volunteer.

What a cast!


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