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And I'm not happy and I'm not sad.....
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Seeing as Spider-Man will finally be joining the M.C.U. , I believe its time the character of Peter Parker has run his course , not for good just with two portrayals of him already have been made on the big screen I believe its now time for Miles Morales to finally get his chance in the spotlight and bring something new to the world of superheroes.

Why do I think this?

Well its very simple, back in 2002 , Toby Maguire debut the web slinger onto the big screen with his take on the character of Peter Parker and of his alter ego Spiderman.

Toby Maguire as an early Spider-man
Toby Maguire as an early Spider-man

The films were one of the first to bring a great super hero to life for fans and although the third did not do the franchise any favors, It did make people fully aware of what Peter Parker was all about.....

A lonely nerd that rises from his everyday boring loser life to become a hero which everyone wants to be and looks up to.

After watching these films fans of Spiderman know pretty much all there was to know about Peter Parker and everything to do with both his origin and his adventures after becoming Spiderman, this was all really super cool until the third film in the franchise was a flop and caused a halt in the production of the 4th Spiderman film.

However, this did lead to a reboot 10 years after the original Spiderman film but this time with Andrew Garfield taking on the role of the web slinger. The Amazing Spiderman came out in 2012 and changed the origins from the original Spiderman from Peters parents dying from a young age to them now being spies, apart from this however the usual routine of Peter Parkers story is kept much the same. The first film gave a massive set up to a brand new Spiderman world and set up the oscorp company for future films , this was all great ! however, after the The Amazing Spiderman 2

was released it had most fans in shock and for all the wrong reasons , I mean the film tried too hard to set up a massive universe for Spiderman and did not concentrate enough on other things it needed to make a good super hero film.

Andrew Garfield as Spider-man
Andrew Garfield as Spider-man

Now before fans were treated to perhaps a mess of a third Amazing Spiderman film , great news came that made every Marvel fan leap with joy , this was the news that Spiderman will finally be joining the M.C.U. and joining forces finally with the Avengers as they battle evil.

Now as much as I am excited about this , as I am sure everyone is , I am also very reluctant too. I have a feeling I have seen enough of Spiderman for now, well at least Peter Parker anyway, I mean in just over a decade we have had 5 Spiderman movies with two different actors and in terms of Peter Parker , we have had almost too much of him for now. I would love for him to come back and make a return at some stage but I think its time we let less known heroes get their well due time in the lime light too , starting with the infamous Miles Morales.

Miles spidey suit is awesome!
Miles spidey suit is awesome!

So yeah. Miles is super cool and I think the M.C.U. needs him more right now than they need Peter Parker. Morales was created by Brian Michael Bendis , who drew inspiration from both actor Donald Glover and President Barrack Obama to create this character. This character is so unique and intriguing and is of Black Hispanic decent , thus , making him a super kick ass Black Hero which is something we need more of in Marvel Movies.

Contrast between Morales & Parker:

Okay so a lot of people think Morales is just another take on Spiderman and brings nothing new to the table, this is however false , although he obtains the same abilities as Spiderman from receiving a similar effect from a genetically engineered spider bite , he is also different to Parker in so many ways, he is witty and charismatic. As Parker is a late teen in high school , Morales is even younger and only attending middle school as he fights crime. He could be one of the coolest young super heroes ever to be in the M.C.U. and although in the comics he is a typical 13 year old from Brooklyn who takes on the role of Spiderman after Parkers death, I think his story line could be easily changed and modified for the big screen.

Bringing him to the big screen:

A number of story lines could be made to bring this youthful hero into the M.C.U. and fit him into the universe. If they wanted to kill off Spiderman (Peter Parker) like in the comics and make Morales take on the role of the new Spiderman that could work , except that's killing off a beloved character and killing him off would mean , there is no chance of Parker ever returning , which would suck incredibly, I know I said earlier I was growing sick of Parker but not for good id love for him to return at some stage and killing him off would prevent that. Perhaps instead of introducing Peter Parker as a mad and wild change instead introduce Morales and with a new unique back ground story. Morales can take on Spiderman foes and even work along side the Avengers and with S.H.I.E.L.D. to take down evil threats. This will give viewers a brand new Spiderman to love and a fresh take on things.

I mean come on , Miles Morales has so much potential and does not need to be ignored. Peter Parker has had his chance for now and now its time to pass it on to the next generation of heroes , honestly i believe this can work and very well. So , do you think Morales deserves a shot along side the other heroes in the M.C.U. instead of Parker or do you think Parker deserves another shot? let me know what you think ?


Miles Morales or Peter Parker?


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