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With [Daredevil](movie:47230) season 1 being an instant hit with fans and critics alike (even with that awful mask on the classic red costume,) I think it's fair to say that a second season will be getting a green-lit very soon.

Executive producer, Steven De Knight, recently expressed interest in bringing '[The Punisher](movie:1007544)' to the small screen, and what better way to introduce the R-rated world of Frank Castle into the greater MCU than by having him appear in Daredevil season 2? (No matter what you say, Daredevil is rated-R, that one guy head-butted a steel spike, for crying out loud.)

So, how do we introduce a character like The Punisher? In a stand alone, mini-movie, episode.

I see it going a little something like this …


1. Frank Castle attacks a New York crime family. Many members are killed.

2. Matt Murdock's case collapses due to Franks actions (dead witnesses?) A bad guy walks free. (possibly (but not likely) The Kingpin)

3. Frank continues to attack associates of the attacked crime family, and eventually Matt Murdock figures out where The Punisher will turn up next …

4. Daredevil and The Punisher tango on a rooftop. Matt's actions allow bad guys to get away (now they're even) Frank knocks DD off the roof, he's fine … but Frank gets away.


5. Having been hit hard by DD and now The Punisher, local gangster start hiring every hitter in town willing to work their security.

6. Frank continues hitting the family and is eventually caught. DD was too late this time.

7. Frank is refusing to talk at the police station until an un-requested lawyer turns up to represent him … Matt Murdock.

8. Matt talks to Frank about his actions. Frank explains why he does things the way he does and why his way is best. Matt is sold. He tells him not to go to sleep and leaves.

9. Daredevil breaks Frank out of custody.


10. Daredevil & The Punisher take to the Mob family down in an epic team up.

11. Frank gives his thanks and leaves town on his motorcycle (setting up his own show)

That's just what I'd like to see from The Punisher's introduction into the greater MCU (hopefully being played again by Thomas Jane. Not only was he and that movie awesome, but that would put the 2003 film into the Marvel canon, and pre-date the super stuff we know with a more down-to-Earth character.)

So what will/should happen in season 2? Well, there are a few villains that we NEED to see pop up, so at least one appearance from a few of these is a must.

Here's how I see a couple of things happening …

Kingpin puts out a bounty on Daredevil's head. Assassins from all over the world roll in to town. Most notably … Elektra and Bullseye.

Elektra was set up in season 1, and Bullseye is DD's no.1 enemy, so you couldn't ignore him.

Elektra would, of course, eventually find out Matt is DD and end up fighting his corner, but could serve as a great villain until that moment.

The season should end with Bullseye severely injured (leading to him having bones grafted with metal in future seasons) … and The Kingpin knowing Daredevil's identity (sold to him by Elektra when she turns?) which would set up the BORN AGAIN storyline for season 3 (which would hopefully lead to GUARDIAN DEVIL storyline by Kevin Smith, for season 4.)

Maybe in this introductory season, Elektra is the one to injury Bullseye, making it personal for him in season 3 when he kills her?



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