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Today's my birthday so I decided to post about my top 10 favorite superhero movies!

1.) Guardians of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is my all time favorite movie so far! Who can believe that the heroes of the galaxy all met in a prison? My favorite character is Groot! With his adorable moments mixed with Rocket Raccoon's sarcasm and bitterness, Star-Lord's music loving playboy personality, Gamora's need to not be known as Thanos's daughter, and Drax's brutish recklessness; how can you not love them?

" Peter Quill: So here we are: a thief, two thugs, an assassin and a maniac. But we're not going to stand by as evil wipes out the galaxy. I guess we're stuck together, partners."

2.) X-Men: First Class

Everyone loves origin stories, so why not the origin on the X-Men? Xavier and Magneto were actually friends at one point? Who is Raven? Well... Here are your answers! Just watch the movie! Watch as Xavier finds other mutants with Eric and Raven while also helping them control their powers. How did Eric turn into Magneto? It's a long story.. I don't want to spoil much but lets just say a mutant named Shaw was involved, along with his helmet.

3.) Man of Steel

Man of Steel! Another origin movie. This shows how Superman came to be... well, Superman! Clark Kent learns about his roots when he discovers his powers and the Codex. He also meets his father! No not his adoptive father, his biological father! Impossible? Krypton exploded, yes. But you have to watch this to see what happened the day Krypton had exploded. Also, who is this other kryptonian who wants to rebuild Krypton on Earth?

4.) Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer

Everyone's heard of the Fantastic Four, right? This is the second Fantastic Four movie and we get to see Susan Storm and Reed Richards's marriage! Too bad they didn't get to finish it since they had hero stuff. Who is this Silver Surfer? Friend or Foe? We can't seem to tell... He did cause Johnny's powers to go wacky though.. How does Dr. Doom have anything to do with this? All I know, is that you must see this! Chris Evans is even in this, you know.. Before he was Captain America!

5.) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Speaking of Captain America... You gotta watch this movie! With Captain America without his shield, Black Widow doing a team up with him, SHIELD overrun by Hydra, and them (Black Widow and Captain America) showing up at Falcon's door... Don't forget the unknown "Winter Soldier." Who is he? How does Steve know him?

6.) Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World... Not much you can say except you have to see it and that it has lots of chaos. Loki is actually helping? And what about all the fighting with a new enemy? Why are the prisoners in Asgard, escaping?

7.) Iron Man

The sarcastic philanthropist, Tony Stark, is now known as the sarcastic billionaire hero, Iron Man. Everything had changed for Tony when he got kidnapped and was forced to make a weapon by people who own lots of his weapons. Is his friend really a friend? Just watch it! That's all I have to say about this besides the fact that Robert Downey Jr. plays this philanthropist.

8.) Avengers

From foes to friends, this odd group fights together to stop Loki, get the Tesseract back, and stop an invasion from the Chitauri! Where is SHIELD in all this? Don't forget Coulson! This group includes, Thor (the demigod), Hulk (the muscle), Iron Man (The Leader-ish), Captain America (The Strategist), Hawkeye (The Archer), and Black Widow (The Assassin).

9.) X-Men

This is the story of how Wolverine and Rogue joined the X-Men! Logan deals with memory loss while Marie has to deal with Magneto using her powers for his own gain. Don't forget how Senator Kelly changed his view on mutants! This action-packed movie will make you want the other X-Men movies!

10.) Batman Begins

Last but certainly not least, The Dark Knight Begins! I'm pretty sure I'm talking about the right movie but I get the Dark Knight Rises and this mixed up. Anyways, this amazing origin movie is about.. You guessed it! Batman! The beginning on how Batman starts. Follow him on his journey, from training with Ra's Al Ghul to becoming Batman and having a Batcave to saving Gotham!


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