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It's only been two months since the first season of Daredevil launched on Netflix, and I'm already begging for more. And there's been a lot of worries that we won't be seeing the Man Without Fear for a while, at least not until the rest of the Defenders have their chance to shine. Well fear not, because Netflix recently announced that Season 2 of Daredevil will premiere next year alongside Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

So what could we be seeing in Daredevil's newest adventures? After all, this season heavily hinted at a bunch stuff that could play into next season. Maybe it could even play into Netflix's next shows, like Iron Fist or Jessica Jones.


But since Wilson Fisk is safely behind bars, for now, whose gonna be Daredevil's next foe? Could it even be...

The Hand

Yep, these guys. If Daredevil were Batman, they would be his League of Assassins. A group started in ancient Japan, the Hand is composed of ninjas that founded the group to overthrow the feudal society of Japan. Over the years they've grown past Japan, and eventually set their sights on Hell's Kitchen. Of course by that time they became more of a demonic cult that kept on resurrecting their fallen warriors.

You may be wondering where the Hand could play into the MCU's Daredevil, given that no one ever even said their name. But I think that they've been a part of this story the entire time.

Nobu, who was the Yakuza member (or so we assume) that worked alongside Wilson Fisk. Towards the end of the show, he also got into a pretty impressive battle against Daredevil himself. I'm completely convinced that he was a major player in the Hand, mostly because of the costume he wore when he fought Daredevil. It looks exactly like the Hand's style of ninja garb, and Nobu certainly used their style of fighting against Matt Murdock.

So let's say that this is the Hand. What would they be doing in Hell's Kitchen next year? Well, I've got a pretty good idea that they might be planning to build....



For those of you who don't know, Shadowland was a city block acquired by the Hand as their HQ in Hell's Kitchen, which they would use to destroy the crime and filth that spreads across the city.

There was even one major comic storyline that had Daredevil becoming the Hand's new leader, and he would then rebuild Shadowland with the purpose of ridding crime from his territory.

How cool would that be?! Daredevil becoming the leader of his foes. It'd really showcase his struggle for his morality, as he questions how much he's willing to sacrifice to make his city a better place.

And obviously we'd be seeing more of Stick and his group, the Chaste; which is basically an organization designed to fight the Hand. We all saw that scene with that guy (was he Stone, perhaps?) asking if Daredevil would be ready when the doors open. It'd be interesting to see how that plays out.

And lastly, having the Hand as the next villains would bring in a fan favorite among many Daredevil fans.

I'm talking about Elektra, the Catwoman to Daredevil's Batman. Like him, she was trained by Stick to join the Chaste. But when she went to go looking for the Hand herself, she ended up joining their side of the fight against Stick. Then she left them too, becoming an independent freelance assassin.

We may have actually already heard of Elektra, specifically when college-years Foggy was talking to Matt about "that greek girl" that Matt used to date. It'd be awesome if we got to see bits of her in the next season, maybe in flashbacks, present-day, or both. Whether she'd be fighting with Daredevil or against him remains to be seen. Either way, I think she needs to be on that show soon.

Hopefully all these things will happen next year when Season 2 of Daredevil releases on Netflix.


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