ByBrad Dee, writer at

To say that Convergence #2 is an issue of missed opportunities and inconsistencies is an understatement. What we get instead is a comic that relies on Dick Grayson telling a story that we won't be able to listen to because it's all happening behind the scenes.The comic starts with an 8-page recap of Earth 2 Worlds End directed towards how Dick Grayson's son died while the ships were evacuating the planet during the Darkseid assault. Now, any comic that needs to display the death of a child(even if it's not fully shown) is aiming at the "heartstrings" and it's being used solely for emotional purposes. Years ago, Spider-man had a storyline called "Shed" which drew the ire of a number of fans. Why did they kill him off? Shock value as sad as it is. Why did they kill Dick Grayson's son in this storyline? Solely for the purpose of making Dick into a better hero.Does it work? No.

The flaws of this comic are great in number. The main comic storyline focuses on the first ever meeting between Thomas Wayne and Bruce wayne. But, one needs to remember that the Thomas Wayne that should be used is the one from Flashpoint, not the one from Earth 2. Plus, the Bruce Wayne that should be used is the one from the New 52(who got the letter from his Dad), not the one from before the new 52(who is wearing a Batman Incorporated Costume for some reason that I can't even try to explain). We get the meeting, but what is said will never be stated because we don't know. This is yet another lost opportunity in a huge string of them that has plagued DC in recent months.In addition, The confusion about Alfred, Bruce and the Batcave will make you scratch your head while reading this issue.For a person that is so untrusting as Bruce is, he sure trusted Dick Grayson and Thomas Wayne from Earth 2 quickly.

But, not all of this comic was a mess. The art again is excellent and pretty much saves this issue. Right now, one has to assume that the nostalgia of Convergence is taking place in the tie-ins and not in the actual set. The tie-ins have mostly been good reads(some messes but that's to be expected), while the overall storyline has been a colossal mess of confusion and bad writing. Will this storyline improve? Only time will tell. At this point, we need to go with the punches and try and find some satisfaction in this comic event. That satisfaction will arrive when we figure why we are reading it. Nostalgia or for the event itself. I give this issue a 4 out of 10.


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