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In 1992, DC was in the midst of a number of shocking storylines that would change the landscape of some of their major characters. Superman had been killed by Doomsday and replaced by 4 other characters. Hal Jordan had gone insane and been taken over by Parallax which brought about the introduction of Kyle Rayner. Bruce Wayne had been taken out of action by Bane and replaced by a nutjob naked Jean Paul Valley(Azreal) who made a Batman costume that was in terms of fighting then it was for stealth. AzBats(as he was later called) was seen as a disappointment and after a few months, Bruce recovered from his broken back and had reclaimed the mantle of the Bat. The fight between Valley and Wayne was short and quick which made some fans happy, and made others upset that they never got the huge showdown that they were waiting for.

The events of "Zero Hour"changed much of DC. Bruce Wayne's past was slightly changed along with a number of other small details. As Parallax changed the landscape of the DC universe, the old universe disappeared(as we know now, it was placed in a dome by Brainiac and placed on this planet) and was replaced by another one. Many heroes were present in Metropolis during that battle with Paralax, and that is where this dome fits in. Bruce and AzBats were in Metropolis, and have been there for a year. Azbats has been in hiding watching the crime unfold while Bruce has been doing undercover work trying to get into the crime families to destroy them from the inside. What could have been done in this comic is truly not accomplished. We do see the differing styles that the 2 Batmen have and how they truly contradict each other, but, as opposed to stopping the truly violent Azreal, Bruce sits back and lets it all happen. There was alot more that could have been done in this issue instead of focusing on the two heroes taking down a B-level crime boss who most people have never even heard of and bringing in a cliffhanger that leaves alot to be desired. But, it's great to see that AzBats costume again after all these years. I give this issue a 6 out of 10. Good, but could have been alot better.


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