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In 1992, Hal Jordon had lost it all. During the Reign of the Superman all of Coast City had been destroyed and nobody had survived. Hal had chosen to try and bring everyone back by getting as much power as he possibly can, and the only way to do that was to get more power from the other Lanterns. But, they would not give them willingly, and so Hal was forced to kill all the other Lanterns and take their power. Hence, Parallax was born. Some readers may not remember all of this due to it happened so long ago. But, unlike other tie-ins to Convergence, this issue was kind to us and gave us a little recap to remind us of these events. But, due to the domes coming down and taking over the city of Metropolis, the heroes(and villains) of the DC universe are left powerless. So, seeing as how Hal Jordan was corrupted by Parallax to do those unspeakable things, what will a man like Hal do when he is corrupted by those demons. Why turn himself into the authorities of course. But, as the cops stated in this issue, these crimes are WAY out of their jurisdiction.

Along for the ride is Kyle Rayner, the newest powerless Green Lantern who has taken it upon himself to visit Hal daily in prison to remind him that he is not the villain that he believes that he is. The issue is filled with alot of emotion about what a man will do when he is faced with all of his horrible actions. He could face them head-on, or he could hide from them. One has to question which choice Hal Jordan actually made in this story. As a tie-in to Convergence this issue fits in nicely. A majority of the issue focuses on the interactions between Hal and Kyle, which works quite nicely based on the timeline that this issue should be taking place.The writing is crisp, and the sudden return of Parallax is done excellently. If the next issue is as good as this one, we are in store for one of the better crossovers to this set.I give this issue a 8 out of 10. I wish the art was just a little better.


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