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In honor of Emma Watson's 25th Birthday, here's a list of Hermione's top 10 best moments!

10. LeviOsa!

This famous and comedic scene from Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone shows Hermione teaching Ron the correct pronunciation for a spell. It was one of the first examples of her budding witch prowess. Even today, I spell out LeviOsa, not LeviosAR to my unwilling friends.

9. Devil's Snare

Just the beginning of many times where Hermione saved Harry's and Ron's butts. With her knowledge of magical plants she was able to classify the organism and remember how to defeat it. She and Harry were able to slip away unharmed by remaining calm, but when Ron began freaking out, she whipped out her wand and casted a charm to release him.

8. Obliviate

To protect her parents, Hermione had her existence erased from their memories before the events of the second Wizarding War. Despite it being necessary, it still must have taken a tremendous amount of courage to perform this undesirable task. Especially with the knowledge that she may never see them again. This would be one of the character's most prominent sacrifices.

7. Dumbledore's Army

To combat Umbridge's oppressiveness and her new censored curriculum Hermione co-founded Dumbledore's Army along with Harry and Ron. Together they taught witches and wizards how to defend and fight for themselves. It's a shame the film series never covered Hermoine's creation and involvement with S.P.E.W. as it would have surely made this list.

6. Torture

While the trio are held up at Malfoy Manor, Bellatrix takes Hermione in for questioning. Bellatrix proceeded to torture her in an attempt to squeeze the truth on how they came to wield Godric Gryffindor's legendary sword. Despite the apparently immense pain, Hermione didn't budge and maintained that it was a copy.

5. 19 Years Later...

Those trying and difficult years are long behind her. After the defeat of Voldemort a new era begins. Hermione is now a wife and mother to two children. She's also the Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. In the book, there's further details of her accomplishments as she assisted the Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebot, in ceasing Pure Blood bias laws and along with her friends, she was featured on Chocolate Frog Cards.

4. Hermione Comforts Harry at Godric's Hollow

It may or not seem like a defining moment, but as Ron has temporarily separated from the group, Harry and Hermione come across Godric's Hollow as they're searching for Bathilda Bagshot. Harry decides to visit his parents' graves and as he's overcome with emotion, Hermione steps in and puts her head on his shoulder to ease him. In my opinion, this is a pinnacle event in Harry and Hermione's relationship as even in dark and troubling times for as long as she's known him, she's always been there for him.

3. Hermione's Yule Ball Entrance

A dazzling and beautiful Hermione Granger stuns her peers and pals as she walks down the stairs to meet her date Viktor Krum for the Yule Ball. Everyone seemed to think Hermione was a Plain Jane with incredible book smarts, yet that night changed everything as she was the belle of the ball. In the books, her mousy appearance is more accentuated and her entry is even more of a shock. As she's had her curly hair tamed, bushy eyebrows styled and her two big front teeth sized down. At the chance of sounding cliche and corny... you go girl!

2. Hermione Punches Malfoy

In one of the series' most satisfying scenes after Malfoy's persistent taunts and degrading her for her 'mudblood' status, Hermione finally gives it to him and socks him in the nose. I remember seeing this in theaters and everyone exclaimed with "ooos" and joy as she assaulted him. Even though Malfory sort of redeems himself by the conclusion of the series, this is still a relishing scene to watch.

1. Hermione's Introduction

Of course the best moment is when we're introduced to this amazing character. Hermione first comes on the scene and meets Ron and Harry as they're riding the train to their first year of Hogwarts. She comes off as a bit arrogant, but she also impresses them with her above average magical skills.

Thanks for reading and happy birthday, Emma!


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