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As a comic mini-series, the writers must find away to get the readers invested in the characters, the storyline and the reasoning in a short period of time. But, when the mini-series is only 2 issues long, the writers must work very quickly in order to ensure that the 2nd issue of the book is not a rushed mess. That, unfortunetly is the case with this storyline. The suicide squad has always been a team of characters that have not been happy to take orders from a certain person(in this case, it's again Amanda Waller). They do it because they have to and because they want to get their freedom back quickly. In this issue, the reason for why they are choosing to do it is not really given, and one has to read between the lines on what their overall mission even truly is.

Too much of the issue is dedicated to the characters past and why they are joining the team to make this an exciting issue. As fans of DC, we should know who these characters already are and why they are seen as "bad-ass". In addition, we again get to much time spent telling us about the domes and the speech by Telos(which we have seen already in every single tie-in to this series). Some of the books tell us it quickly, while others spend pages upon pages discussing it. The final drawback of this issue is the ending. While it will make alot of people happy to know that the next issue will be filled with action, it makes us question how Waller even knew about the "mystery traitor" from the Kingdom Come universe, when she didn't even know this world existed 15 minutes prior. With so much time dedicated to setting up the plot(of only a 2-issue limited series), one has to believe that the next part will be rushed with action and little substance. I guess we will have to wait and see. I give this issue a 5 out of 10.


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