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I finally bought the Blu-ray for The Wolverine so I decided to watch the extended cut, this review is going to be much shorter as I have already reviewed The Wolverine so this review is going to compare the differences and if the extended cut is better than the theatrical cut. The extended cut has more action, more scenes, the full ninja sequence and added CGI blood; all of these make the film better and I'll explain why. All the added action just adds to the films awesomeness and this time there is an extended ninja fight which is much more brutal and what I wanted when I first saw it, there are also added scenes which I think flesh out some of the characters. For example, Muriko in the theatrical cut is made to seem as a helpless girl who needs saving but in the extended cut the added scenes make her a badass who is just outnumbered; also Yukio gets more action instead of it being just Logan, finally the last thing that was added was the CGI blood which makes the film better as it adds a sense of realism.

To summarise, all the additions in the extended cut make it a better film however the film still has the negatives I mentioned before (robot fight and how the ninja fight ends) so to acknowledge the enhancements to the film I am rating The Wolverine: Unleashed Extended Cut:



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