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Today I sat down to watch The Fighter which I hadn't seen before; The Fighter is based on a true story which revolves around Mickey Ward, a failing boxer with family troubles, and his rise to become a pro. The Fighter is directed by David O. Russell and stars Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale (who won an Oscar for the performance) and Amy Adams.

There are a lot of positives to this film, which are: the story is very good, the story progression is quite good, the acting is great and the fights are tense. To expand, the story is very interesting while at the same time being very easy to follow (which is hard to achieve); the story progresses well and you get to see the characters develop at a good rate so none of the film is boring. Christian Bale deserved his Oscar as his portrayal of Dicky Eklund was perfect (as shown in the footage of the real Dicky in the credits), it probably should have been for Lead Actor though as he is just as much a main character as Mark Wahlberg; Christian Bale aside all the other performances are really good. Finally all the fight scenes in the film build up a high amount of tension which is good in making the scenes memorable.

On the negatives side there really isn't much, only that the story progression is slow in a few places and that I wasn't emotionally attached to the characters (which I don't have to explain); in a couple places in the film the story slows down a bit but not enough to make the film boring so it is only a small negative.

Overall I really enjoyed this film because of the acting and the story and taking the negatives into consideration as well I rate this film:



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