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Hello! I will show you my Disney + Naruto crossover, hope you like it.

At this moment I have already draw Elsa, Ariel and Beauty. Maybe I will draw a few more, I have to finish Rapunzel some day :)

Elsa Anbu

Elsa anbu fighting
Elsa anbu fighting

Plot: Elsa is in a anbu mission, she's looking for some secret documents and she was caught by surprise by the enemy. Fast, the other ninjas attacked her behind with a few shurikens but she kicked the air while she was turning around to make a ninjutsu which creates an ice wall and save herself.

Details: there's a thin ice as seen in Frozen at the background, with a snowflake shape. Elsa's mask reminds us Olaf.

Beauty Anbu

Beauty anbu reading a book
Beauty anbu reading a book

Plot: it's a nice day on the Leaf Village, Beauty spends her free time reading a book as Kakashi does. She loves walking on the roofs and the trees while feels the sun on her skin. But she's always ready to fight.

Details: Beauty's mask has the Beast's form. The sword on her back is alive, you can see an eye on it. Beauty speaks with it when they have to plan a fight.

The Little Mermaid Anbu

The little mermaid summoning jutsu
The little mermaid summoning jutsu

Plot: The Little Mermaid is a water ninja, she's walking on the water and summoning a great occtopus called Ursula. We barely can see a drop of blood on one of her fingers, but there it is, and a jutsu has appeared on the water surface. Ariel usually uses as a weapon his father's trident. This is goint to be a great battle, the enemies are strong but she is the faster one fighting in the water.

Details: Her mask is painted as Flounder. Right on her neck has a one-shell neckless that it is used with a forbidden jutsu which absorbs the voice of the person who wear it but it gives her more chakra.

Thanks for watching!

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