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I don't know about you but I've always been a fan of a good dance movie, I always feel motivated to get out there and show people my stuff afterwards. Plus nearly all of them have a great soundtrack. So i'm here to tell you my top 10 dance movies of all time (not in any particular order), some you may know, some you may not, but here we go.

1. Footloose (The Original)

So this is kind of an obvious one really. It's about this guy (Kevin Bacon) who moves to this religious town that believe music and dancing is bad so have banned it due to a tragic accident that happened years previously. And like a good young lad, he defies the laws and brings Dance and Music back into the town. But seriously this is one of the best dance movies going, it's a classic, it has to be watched. I recommend you watch the original before the new re-make because if you ask me, the classic is way better but if you know the story from the re-make you may not be so inclined to like the original.

2. Take the Lead

Now this one is great for people who like multiple different genres of dance. Antonio Banderas, a ballroom teacher decides to bring his dance expertise to the population of miscreants from rough backgrounds in his local council high school. They start to form a new kind of dance, a mixture between ballroom and the street that the kids are used too. I just love it, it's got a great story and you can't help but fall in love with the characters.

3. Step Up 1&2

So this one is a personal fave. Although there were many before it, I feel like this is the original kid from the slums making something of himself dance movie. They've got some sad bits and some happy bits, a great story-line and some amazing dance moves. Although there are like 5 Step Up movies now, I feel like the first two are the only ones worth mentioning, the rest start to lose themselves a bit with all the bright lights and effects. So yeah go watch these. Now. No really, like right now.

4. Dirty Dancing

Come on right, this one had to be put in. If this isn't a classic then I don't know what is. Baby goes on holiday and finds herself being taught to dance by the hunky Patrick Swayze to save him from loosing his job. It's a cracker, all those insane dance moves that have now become classic moves is just incredible. People of all ages can appreciate this one. Bare witness to my warning, every time you see someone sat in a corner, you will be forced to say "No body puts baby in the corner..". Just a heads up...

5. Honey

With the lovely Jessica Alba, a dance teacher/street dancer who want's to be dancing on the top end music videos. She finds that the mainstream dance companies aren't as great as they seem so defies everyone's expectations and tries to make her own. This is a proper heart warmer. Again we've got something for guys and gals, we've got some brilliant hip-hop routines and some adorable characters! You go girl! Just thinking about this one makes me wanna go watch right now. So yeah..needed to be on the list.

6. Strictly Ballroom

This here is another cracker! A champion dancer looses his partner and finds a plain jane, two left feet type girl who not only ends up fulfilling her new dance partner responsibilities, teaches the champion that not everything is about winning. It's an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Definitely one to watch.

7. Flashdance

This one makes me sad because so many people have seen versions of this original dance scene (In the gif) but barely anyone knows where it comes from. Well I am here to tell you this classic dance move comes from FLASHDANCE. A classic story about a young women who wants to join a top end dance academy but has to prove to herself that she can do it. I had to put this one in here, it changed my life. I now know to wear leg warmers on every occasion....and to wear a protective mask when on a construction site.

7. Save the Last Dance

Another movie where a young girl tries to get in to a top dance school, but to do this she needs to get some inspiration and some fresh moves. I was introduced to this one by my cousin and I have to say although it's kinda like a lot of dance stories, this is one of the best ones I've seen and I was hooked straight away.

8. Burlesque

If you ask me, which you are because your reading this, this film was sooooo underrated. It stars the beautiful and talented Christina Aguilera and Cher. Small town girl Ali finds her way to sunset strip and into Cher's intoxicating club filled with Burlesque wonders. I'm not going to lie, I saw this film and instantly wanted to whip on a corset. Girls, if this doesn't make you feel sexually empowered then I don't know what will. Plus guys, you've got a lot of eye candy in this one. Some great tunes and some dazzling performances. What have you got to lose?

9. Turn it Up

After Tommy is told by his dance teacher at a top notch school that he needs to find some fire in his dance, he seeks out streetdancing ballerina Kate Parker. And together they become quite the dance duo...It's a must see for any dance lover.

10. Black Swan

This one's a bit less conventional but definitely deserves to be on this list. As Nina (Natalie Portman), a talented ballerina who's just got the lead part in Swan Lake, searches her soul for both the White and the Black Swan, unravels in an emotional turmoil to become the 'Perfect' Ballerina. It's a tear jerker and definitely makes us think about the length's we go to be perfect at what we do, and whether it's worth it in the end. A must see.

And that's it people. Although I'm fully aware their are tonnes of fab dance movies out there, these are my personal faves and I fully believe every dance movie lover should see all of these atleast once in their life time. Please comment&share for more!




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