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The Red Skull has been absent in the MCU for a long time. When will he return and how?? I know I'm not the only one that misses the Red Skull, and his noes-less face, so where is he?

The last time we saw Red Skull was in Captain America The First Avenger, where he was somehow transported by the Tesseract, but where to? Will we see him in Guardians of the Galaxy 2?!? Red Skull is such a great villain, so why hasn't Marvel used him yet? There are two things: either they want to use him for a huge reveal, or we will never see him again, and he'll just be a name.

No offence to the MCU, but their villains have been either really good, or not that great (cough, cough, Mandarin). So bringing back Red Skull could spice things up.

Hydra is in shambles at the time, so the return of their first leader could strengthen them. Just imagine the face of Cap, if Red skull came back.

Red Skull could also appear in Captain America Civil War, as a someone who gives Cross Bones the order to assassinate Cap.

That's all I have for now:)

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