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Let me start off by saying... I'M NOT A FURRY, at least not in the sexual sense, or in any sense. We've all had crushes, but there's probably been one or two we've been afraid to admit we've been infatuated with. In all of my sheepish glory, here are my Top 7 Most Embarrassing Childhood Crushes.

7. Daphne Blake

I really can't pinpoint why I hesitate to reveal that I crushed on Daphne, other than it sounding completely awkward in a conversation. Maybe it's because she's an animated character, but other than that I can't really decipher anything else. Yet, when I was little, I remember thinking she was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen.

6. Tuxedo Mask

I had no interest in Sailor Moon what so ever and even after watching some episodes I could tell I wouldn't be a fan. However, when my little sister was watching one of the episodes on tape I happened to catch a glimpse of a scene and my girlhood trembled as I saw Tuxedo Mask for the first time. With his cryptic nature, dapper attire, and attractive voice, I was swoon. Yet, back then I thought it was humiliating since I thought the show was ridiculous.

5. Max Goof

As a pre-teen, despite Max Goof being a humanoid dog I thought he was pretty cute. And I also appreciated his sardonic and clumsy nature.

4. Robin Hood

I was drawn to Robin's British accent and sly demeanor. However, the fact that he's an animal - even if he's wearing a stylish, over sized green shirt and leather belt - makes me kind of bashful to say he once won over my girlish heart.

3. Dodger

I'm telling you guys I'M NOT A FURRY! Yet, how could anyone resist a dog that has the voice of Billy Joel, wears a trendy ascot, has a strong paternal nature, and is as cool as the other side of the pillow... other than being a dog?

2. EDD

You may or may not being wondering how and/or why Double D is my number two on this list, considering he's above three creatures. On Ed Edd n Eddy, EDD was an OCD, goofy brainiac who had a scratchy voice. Yet, at seven years old he was my prince charming. And it's the fact that he was an erudite, calculative, worry wart who had a strange voice that attracted me. Like my younger self, I have a thing for smart guys. But, I'm still shy to confess that he's one of my former loves.

1. Yakko

Oh my god... What was wrong with my five year old self? I apparently also had a thing for... who - and whatever this animal is, who wears big pants and doesn't bother to put a shirt on. What I favored about Yakko was his intelligence (seriously, he could name every country in the world within five minutes flat), sarcasm, cunning, humor, and quick wit. I didn't find him cute, but I was more allured by his dynamic personality. Oh, Yakko Warner, you're a lady killer, well girl killer. That just sounds wrong.

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