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So it's time to finally talk about what many fans of the [Daredevil](movie:47230) universe really look forward too: When can we see Elektra on Daredevil? Obviously, this is going to involve some light handling at first, no one wants to see Elektra screwed up... again.

Elektra played a role in the 2003 Daredevil
Elektra played a role in the 2003 Daredevil

Although I'm a fan of Jennifer Garner, her run as Elektra was less than what fans were hoping to see on screen. She had the looks, the acting skill, and the physical ability. Yet, the script failed to capture the true essence of Elektra. The solo movie that followed only proved what we all already knew, whatever formula they used to translate the character on the big screen was a fail. Yet, Jennifer Garner was enjoyable to watch.

Jennifer Garner in the overlooked Elektra
Jennifer Garner in the overlooked Elektra

So who can we talk about taking up the mantle of one of Marvel's deadliest characters? Forget what you saw prior in on-screen versions and think about the possibilities within Daredevil's dark universe. Blood and Guts Elektra! Sexy and Cunning Elektra; the new Netflix arena can bring to life who Elektra really is.

Their passion is legendary, their tragedy is heartbreaking. There is no question of the importance Elektra plays in the Daredevil universe. If Netflix plans on going forward with more seasons, they will have to cast Elektra. There is time though, obviously Marvel has made their future plans public knowledge. Yet, with the success of Daredevil on Netflix, you can't keep the fans waiting for Season 2 for long.

Deadly and Sultry, the basic combination for a very bad girl. With that said, let's talk casting. We can go soft and deadly, or hard and physical. I've got a few options so far. Like Charlie Cox, they can cast the role with someone relatively new, but bringing in an actress with a little more seasoning ain't out of the question either.

1. Nina Dobrev

Let's talk about Nina Dobrev. Hey, before you wig out I want you to imagine this equation. Katherine Pierce= Elektra; sans fangs. She has that sultry look, and she can act. Master of so many different personalities on The Vampire Diaries, she can give us a pretty bad ass Elektra.

2. Eliza Dushku

You can't ignore what Eliza Dushku can bring to the role of Elektra. You've seen Buffy, Angel, & Dollhouse. She has this edge to her that can translate well as Elektra. Imagine "Faith" for mature audiences.

3. Peyton List

How do you feel about Peyton List? Remember her from The Tomorrow People? She's is also Lisa Snart on The Flash. I like the way she looks for Elektra and she's athletic.

4. Katrina Law

I like Katrina Law too for Elektra. She's probably my favorite from the list. Out of all the actresses here, Katrina Law comes closer to the essence of Elektra.

I'm sure this is going to cause tons of passionate debate as all who are fans of the character want to see someone that can slip into Elektra's heels easily and for a long time. Marvel shouldn't wait on it either, I mean they did mention the "Greek girl Matt dated in college."


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Who would be a better Eleckra?


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