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After Michelle MacLaren left the project over magic tiger disputes, Warner Bros. was quick to replace her

And you'll never expect who it is


The director previously attached to Thor: The Dark World who left under similar circumstances, now is directing [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)

via The Hollywood Reporter, we get this

Patty Jenkins, who at one point was to direct Thor 2 for rival Marvel Studios, has closed a deal to helm Warner Bros.’ female superhero movie.
Warners moved at lightning speed to sew up another director after parting ways Monday with Michelle MacLaren, the experienced TV showrunner who was to have made her feature directorial debut with Wonder Woman. Creative differences were cited as the reasons for MacLaren's departure.
Selecting Jenkins helps Warners avoid what some saw as a gender bias against women directors helming superhero tentpoles. Ironically, Jenkins would have been the first female director on a Marvel movie if she had continued on Thor 2. She now will become the first female director to handle a big project in Warner's developing DC universe

And from Variety

MacLaren left the project earlier this week due to creative differences with the studio. Sources say her departure was only a minor speed bump, and production is still set to begin in the fall as originally planned.

Hopefully, it won't be delayed, but here is how it can be an awesome film

1) Hype

BvS already has a ton of hype, and will release a new trailer soon, hopefully featuring WW

2) Diversity

Wonder Woman will be the first official female-led superhero film, beating out Captain Marvel

3) A Summer Blockbuster

The film is coming out on the weekend of July 4th, and will be very popular with all moviegoers

4) Appeals to more audiences

Wonder Woman will appeal to both female as well as male audiences, which will get more money, and in turn, a sequel

5) Gal Gadot

A invaluable member of the Fat and Furious franchise, Gadot has proved her acting worth as well as action worth. I don't get why people doubt her and are commenting things about her body shape

6) Steve Trevor

While I have absolutely no idea about Scott Eastwood, and while I am not a fan of Steve Trevor, I think he will be awesome. A government agent will be a welcome prescense, and hopefully add the diplomatic element we saw in Justice League: War

7) Shared Universe

Wonder Woman will get a lot of audience members just because it takes place in the larger DC universe. 'Nuff Said


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