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Shad Allen Scott

42nd Street Forever: You like movie trailers from the 70s and 80s? Check out this Blu-ray edition. It’s a collection of trailers, a good portion of which are for horror films. I love movie trailers, especially older movie trailers, so this purchase was a no brainer for me. Some classics on there, and some you may not have heard about. All in all, a great collection. Give it a watch. However, be warned, not every movie whose trailer is in 42nd Street Forever is available for rent or purchase. So don’t get too attached, some of them are only going to be a trailer for either a long time, or ever. The trailers run the spectrum of good, bad, and ugly.

This collection, and others like it (I’ve got the Festival of Fright collection as well and various other trailer compilations) remind me of a time when the trailer for a film had a little more oomph to them that doesn’t really exist anymore. They packed a punch. I’m not saying trailers nowadays are bad, there are some excellent examples of good trailers, I just find older trailers more interesting.

I remember when I first received this blu-ray from Amazon, the trailer that looked the most interesting was called Wicked Wicked, A slasher film where the movie screen is split into two, a left screen, and a right screen. One of the screens (the left, if I remember correctly) is a constant POV shot through the eyes of the killer. The right screen contained everything else. Unfortunately, at the time I saw this trailer, I couldn’t find it for rent or purchase anywhere. But, writing this blog post, I took another look, just in case. Eureka! It exists on DVD! I ordered it almost as soon as I discovered it. So can’t wait for that to come in the mail.

And for those of you concerned with this sort of thing: Yes, there is female nudity, male nudity, and trailers for ‘blue’ films.

Have you seen the blu-ray edition of 42nd Street Forever? What was your favorite trailer?


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