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I'm sure by now everybody knows about Marvel's Phase 3 plans and if you're not excited then you're not a fan. Phase 3 ends things and begin things and here is my most anticipated list for Phase 3 of the MCU

[Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409)

If you're not excited for this movie then you're either a DC fan or don't know comic books. This is the culmination to every Steve Rogers/Tony Stark bicker and it is shaping to be a big one with the introduction Black Panther and Spider-Man this going to be one to see.

MCU Spider-Man Movie

When I first saw that Spider-Man would be joining the MCU I was in disbelief something I have wanted to see since The Amazing Spider-Man has happened and you better believe I am excited for this version of Spider-Man.

Ragnarok means the end of everything
Ragnarok means the end of everything

[Thor: Ragnarok](movie:956858)

In the press conference held last year for Phase 3 Kevin Feige said that this movie would be as big of an impact as Captain America The Winter Soldier that being my favourite movie (so far) in Phase 2 I'm hoping this one is the same.

[The Avengers: Infinity War](movie:738027)

Okay this technically counts as two but hat would just be too easy, Infinity War is the culmination of everything that has come before. The final fight between Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Thanos this is the last movie planned so far.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

After the events of the first Guardians of the Galaxy, I am very excited to see Peter Quills origins and no doubt more to do with Thanos. Oh and to see that guy who looks like a tree oh gosh I can't remember his name.

Bare in mind that there are 10 movies planned for Phase 3 and I decided to focus on 5 so even number 5 is high on my excitement list.

Avengers Age of Ultron comes out next week in Australia and I purchased my tickets today. follow me on this and twitter at jbhcha. Oh and comment below what that tree guy's name is. Thanks for reading!


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