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This year is the year for the return of the super successful franchise! As usual, the crowd flocked to queue at the cinema and about 1 week all the studio theater will be booked for this movie. Fast and furious is probably one of the franchises that in each series there is always improvement.

In 2013 we lost one of the great actors, Paul Walker in a car accident. His death was very influence in this Franchise because he is one of the main actors. Many people must be very curious how Paul Walker revived with many stuntmen and CGI

Synopsis: Continuing from fast and furious 6, Ian Shaw (Jason Statham) revenge on his brother Owen Shaw who had been defeated by Dom (Vin Diesel). Ian killed Han in Tokyo and hunt down Dom and his friends.

People say this is the best FF movie that ever made. In my opinion, for the story is not really special in entire FF movies. Action that appear quite thrilling. Although sometimes appear pretty unreasonable (Cars fly, fly through buildings, etc.), but all of it is covered with a nice effect. The sceneries in this movie are very beautiful especially when it was shot in Dubai.

Humors in the film are also funny. Directed by James Wan, who is famous for his horror films, are surprisingly able to make this film (the action genre) great

The most excellent thing about this movie is that. OST See You Again sung by Wiz Khalifah Feat. Charlie Puth, is very suitable for atmosphere that full of emotion at the end of this movie. The song was also as a tribute to Paul Walker and the goodbye with his character, Brian O` Conner. For the FF fans absolutely will miss him

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