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Three years ago I created the Princess Avengers. Now on the eve of Age of Ultron I am collecting them here for a retrospective in-depth discussion of the characters and the reasons behind their particular combinations. It will be culminating with two additional NEVER BEFORE SEEN pieces to celebrate the all new film. But first....

The elephant in the room (pun intended).

This piece more than any other inspired quite the frenzied response. It was released right at the height of the Princess Avenger's popularity and managed to take some people by surprise. Hilariously, it also managed to be published and circulated all across the web in various galleries and even occasional think pieces.

The real reason that I chose to switch genders on this one (at least in part) was to show that I wasn't taking this too seriously (some fans had been getting quite snippy and demanding) and to illustrate the bizarre gender politics of the Avengers. To have only one female member of a 6 person team is unusual, and to have her be so conventionally attractive is troubling. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with Black Widow herself being attractive... but to me it seems like the only body types available for comic heroines is well... insanely unrealistic. With this piece I wanted to underline the lack women on the (actual) team as well as the unspoken comic-book creed that ostensibly strong women ALSO need to be smoking 10/10 babes. To this end I chose sultan, whose body type is at least as irregular as Black Widow's, although in a different way.

A logical inverse to round out my Princess Avengers.


Do you think that this crossover successfully captured the spirit of both characters?


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