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With rumors of another reboot in the works for the X-Men franchise after [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) I thought i would share a few of my personal favorite X-Men villain's that i would like to see make it to the "silver screen."

5. Friends of Humanity

Friends of Humanity from the 1990's X-Men show
Friends of Humanity from the 1990's X-Men show

The Friends of Humanity may seem an odd choice with the emergence of all the fantastical hero's and villain's we have seen in the X universe but I for one think it could be just what the franchise needs as it rebuilds its roster of mutants. By giving fans a more grounded character drive story of "man vs mutant" with the radical Neo-Nazi/KKK faction that is the FoH you can not only give casual fans of the movie's a since of the origins of not so much the characters themselves, but of the meaning behind there creation.

Outside of being some really awesome stories and artwork, a lot of comic book hero's and villains were created to express the concerns over political and social issues in the world that were either taboo or frowned upon if you spoke out against them (racism, Vietnam, etc...). So without knowing too much about whats going to play out in X-Men AoA, and who will and will not be available for future X projects i feel a movie like this that takes place in the late 80's and early 90's to keep with the period piece style and when racial tension in america was running high this seems like a perfect fit.

Not only would this make for a great movie, but it could lead into a DC style Super Villain spin off for a new Brotherhood to be introduced, also there is the Purifiers who have some wicked technology and so on and so forth.

4. U-Men

U-Men from X-Men Anime 2011
U-Men from X-Men Anime 2011

If you aren't familiar with this group they are featured heavily in the X-Men Destiny video game (which i felt was pretty fun just kinda one note) and the 2011 X-Men Anime which is awesome. The U-Men are a group of religious zealots who harvest mutant organs to place inside their own bodies to receive super powers.

This i feel could be a good follow up to AoA, but would be a PERFECT sequel to a movie based on the FoH i mentioned at number 5. By using the FoH as a smoke screen to target and take down mutants they can remain unnoticed and in the shadows until they are ready to unleash hell on earth and bring their cult like "Third Species" religion to the masses.

3. Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister from an unknown to me comic
Mister Sinister from an unknown to me comic

This one I am admittedly a bit bias on, Mister Sinister is my personal favorite X villain and i believe its a shame he hasn't had a dedicated comic book series based on his ventures. Like number 4 on my list Sinister could be the big bad hiding in the shadows or a direct follow up to AoA.

He has ties to Apocalypse already in the comics as one of his main henchmen, and he also at one time in his history was a renowned doctor so having him tied to the U-Men and their sick experiments wouldn't be to far of a stretch for him. Also if you are looking for an easier connection for casual fans his obsession with Jean Gray and Cyclops who have just recently been recast and in my opinion will need more then just their tradition love story to carry their characters in future films, having a true nemesis pulling their strings could make for some interesting character development as well as plot twist.

Sinister has also been tied to the Savage Lands which would be great to explore and could show case other characters that could use a little more exposure like Storm, Gambit, and Rouge. If Fox was willing to go with Sinister in future films they wouldn't have to worry about handcuffing themselves with a one and done villain either he has been reincarnated, rejuvenated and plays a pretty impressive foil to Magneto as well .

2. Shadow King

Shadow King from 1990's X-Men TV Show
Shadow King from 1990's X-Men TV Show

Shadow King is a very interesting and powerful character who also has ties to Apocalypse as on of his henchmen. The Shadow King is a very powerful telepath, and at one point and time was second only to Professor X, he has also been associated with Storm (I was really hoping he was in Fox's plans when they teased kid Storm in X-Men Origin's: Wolverine). Outside of his telepathy he can also possess other people and has full control over the astral plane.

Shadow King would be interesting because he could open up a new aspect of the X universe that has remained largely untouched, meaning just how powerful is Charles Xavier. I know I know they always state that Professor X can take over and destroy minds but when he goes to the astral plane he takes it to a whole different level.

This pick my seem like a stretch, but if your anything like me i'm getting sick of every movie being about wolverine and his villains and with Hugh Jackman seemingly done with X films after Wolverine 3 why not set up a villain who can bring a character like Storm to the forefront and see her emerge as the leader of the X-Men.

1. The Reavers

The Reavers from Messiah Complex
The Reavers from Messiah Complex

The Reavers are a group of cyborg criminals with the most famous or infamous incarnation being led by Lady Deathstrike and have one mission the extermination of the X-Men specifically Wolverine. Now I know in number 2 I stated that i was sick of Wolverine taking all the spotlight but bear with me, this choice is my number 1 for 2 reasons.

First with Hugh Jackman's contract expiring having the Reavers track him down and take him out would not only be an interesting way to either extinguish Jackman's Wolverine flame or light the torch for whoever steps into the blue and yellow cowl next. With the history of Wolverine and Deathstrike in the comic books and the old animated series it would make for some interesting live action claw to claw action.

Second X-2 was a good movie in my opinion but personal assistant/secretary Deathstrike was an affront to how awesome this character can be. Also with the way [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) ended with Mystique playing the role of Stryker they could use this as a way to rewrite the Weapon X storyline and have Deathstrikes father Lord Dark Wind who created the adamantium bonding process that gave wolverine his trademark metal claws. Which could also lead into another spin off for a true Weapon X movie origin or otherwise Deadpool and Wolverine on screen sounds like pure gold to me.


This is just a personal dream sheet, but please let me know what you think of my ideas and leave your own in the comments below. Also this is my first post so if the writing is bad blame the North Carolina education system, thanks for reading and any and all feedback is appreciated.

Honorable mentions

Omega Red is an awesome character but I can't take another Wolverine movie if they did this based on Colossus or as a bridge to bring in some other new characters like Captain Britain I'm game.

Mojo is slimy, vile, and disgusting but very entertaining, plus brings a whole host of interesting hero's and villain's with him if done right could be a smash hit IF.


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