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OK so IRAN and IRAQ. There are a lot of similarities, most notably their names. You see if we take off the N of Iran and Q of Iraq then we are left with the IRA. This is an acronym for the Irish Republican Army, another terrorist organization. As we can see, we have connected Europe with the Middle East. Now lets go back to the other letters, N and Q. Q is an obvious reference to Al-Qaeda, the major terrorist group in the middle east. The Q is also a reference to the Quds Force, a highly secretive Islamic organization who provides funding to many other terrorist groups. The N is a reference to Nigeria, where Boko Haram operates. As we can see, the Irish, the Middle East, and Africa are all in on this terrible conspiracy. As for ISIS, they operate in IRAQ, the place where this theory all began. Another group that operates in both Iran and Iraq is Hezbollah, a radical group who are in charge of suicide bombers. Both Boko Haram and Hezbollah have an H in their names, so we may assume that this is significant. Another terrorist organization is Hamas, who operate against Israel. But more on this later. They start with an H and therefore are related to this theory. (H, I, N, Q)

Now let us move on to the World Terrorism Commission, or WTC. Now all of the groups stated above are part of this commission. When the World Trade Center was erected, there were some serious problems. Both of these names had the initials WTC. Now this is a glaring problem if you are part of a conspiracy to destroy America. You cannot have the same initials as another organization. So, through one of their pawns Al-Qaeda, they orchestrated an attack to make them the one and only organization with the initials WTC. Now who is the leader of this sinister organization? Osama Bin Laden, known better by his alter ego OBAMA!!! You see Obama/Osama have very similar names, JUST LIKE IRAN AND IRAQ. Coincidence, I think NOT.

You see Obama wanted to gain favor with the American people, so he killed his alter ego, Osama. And as for the video footage, it was all faked in the Hollywood studio under the White House, where they faked the moon landings. But if you would remember, who supposedly killed Osama AKA Obama? That would be Seal Team 6. Now if you multiply 6 by 111, the age Bilbo Baggins turned in The Lord of the Rings, then we get 666, the number of DOOM!!! This is also the name of the mountain where the One Ring was destroyed. But how you ask do we get from a world conspiracy to The Lord of the Rings? The answer lies in this: JRR Tolkein was the founder of the WTC, World Terrorism Commission, and his books are the handbook for all who aspire to be like Obama/Osama. This explains the books’ suspicious popularity despite early criticism. In fact, we are even teaching this propaganda in schools these days. From this theory, we have explained how Iran and Iraq have united the likes of the IRA, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Quds Force, Hezbollah, and Hamas all under a single, despicable commission. We have also seen the motive behind the WTC to reveal themselves to the world and have seen how Obama is bringing about the end times.


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