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Like most people, I've been binge-watching [Daredevil](movie:47230) since it appeared on Netlflix last week, but as the show is released all at once (in true Netflix Original style) it means that there is no room for wondering what's to come. Thankfully, the next in the four-part series, AKA Jessica Jones, is underway and providing us with the first few set photos and sneak peeks of the series, giving me plenty of speculation fodder to enjoy!

Now, we have the first look at David Tennant as uber-villain Purple Man, thanks to an instagram photo uploaded by koray_ursin. The user doesn't appear to be anyone connected with the show in any way, but just a New Yorker who got lucky with the camera!

Interestingly, the shot shows Tennant in an all-purple outfit - the suit and jacket from the comic books - but his face and hair are untouched. There are three possible reasons for this more natural look.

1. The shot is pre-makeup or post-makeup-removal

From a purely practical basis, this could simply be Tennant with only his costume on. While I doubt that they would do makeup after he is in the clothes, depending on what they are filming, it could happen. For example, if we aren't going to see his face, why bother spending the time, effort and expense of having it painted? Or he could be on his way out of clean-up, although this is equally unlikely, as the costume is usually last on and first off.

There are a few other practical options - checking for fit, running through last minute changes or alterations, doing lighting checks on the color, etc etc. However, I have to admit that I'm including these possibilities just because they are conceivable, not because they are likely.

2. We'll See Purple Man Before He Is Purple

While the Purple Man doesn't get much of an origin story in the original comics (a short explanation as to how he got his mind-control and distinctive color is sufficient before Daredevil goes about trying to bring him down), this is a new medium, so who knows what could happen?

For those who don't know the character well, Purple Man gained his powers and his color courtesy of an accidental chemical spill (the standard back in the 60s). It wouldn't be difficult to show that happening in Jessica Jones, and it would definitely provide a little more depth and interest to someone who seems to be the major villain of the first series (at least). The big question here is why he would be wearing all purple ahead of time? Maybe the color of his suit is significant, maybe it is why he turns purple, or maybe he just really loves ugly suits...

3. Purple Man Isn't Going To Be Purple

Well, it's been a possibility since the character was announced, but could it be that Purple Man just... won't be purple? Daredevil most definitely errs on the side of realism, so the assumption is that AKA Jessica Jones will follow suit, and I'm not sure that a vibrantly purple bad guy really fits with that general feel. It would make more sense to include some of his mind-control talents and motivations along with his major

story line, but leave the bright colors out of it.

I'll be a little sad if this is the case, but it does seem the most likely of the three options, given the tone of Daredevil. While I prefer a little more lightness and escapism (rather than the dark and gritty realism) to my superhero shows, it just looks like this isn't the direction that they are going with the series.

Whatever this photo means for the show, there is one thing that I am certain of - David Tennant alone is enough reason for me to watch!


What do you think is going on in this first shot of Purple Man?


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