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Anyone else feel like there is another hand at work?

This article contains a big spoiler about Arrow season 3 episode 19 and some from previous episodes so if you haven't seen every episode of Arrow then read on at your own peril.

Now when you really enjoy a TV show it is always going to sting a little when a major or beloved character is killed or written out however it is something you come to expect. This season(3) on Arrow however they have taken removed far more than would be deemed usual. So far this year we have lost:

  • Black Canary (gone but somehow coming back on spin-off, the actress is anyway)
  • Deadshot (confirmed to be gone)
  • Deathstroke (not confirmed but after Manu Bennett's thoughts, can read them here, it's almost certain)
  • Ted Kord (was removed just before filming and hastily replaced with Ray Palmer)
  • Harley Quinn (only a cameo in season 2 but plans to have her in 3 were quickly erased)

And now to add into the mix, the biggest loss so far, Arrow has lost Colton Haynes as Arsenal. We won't divulge how he leaves the show as it would totally ruin the episode but the actor will not be returning for Arrow Season 4.

Arrow and the team
Arrow and the team

A representative of Warner Brothers gave this statement on his departure.

Colton will not be returning to the show as a series regular in Season 4, but will appear in one additional episode this season.. Like all characters that exist in this universe, there will always be the potential for him return moving forward.

There was another statement issued by Greg Berlanti when he was recently interviews by Buzzfeed :

When we made Colton’s deal, he was coming off of Teen Wolf where he was beloved, and he had a lot of opportunities, so we did a trial thing where we said, for his sake and ours, ‘We’ll just do a bunch of episodes and see if you like it and if you enjoy it.’ And he did. Then pilot season came up that year and before another pilot could snatch him up, we made a two-year deal, so we always knew we were on a clock.

He then goes on to say about how he thinks this is just the start of his amazing acting career but something about the whole thing seems off. While Colton Haynes is a fine enough actor he's not exactly amazing and no actor with any sense would be willing give up such a successful show as [Arrow](series:720988) to go risk doing a pilot that might not get picked up and even if it does may be quickly cancelled. It seems that something else may have a hand in his departure, perhaps the hand of the DCCU has struck again and decided Arsenal is going to be in the movie universe so for some reason cannot be in the TV one too. There may however be a good reason for his departure however that fans may love.

Most DC fans will be aware the TNT's Pilot Titans, a show based on the Teen Titans comic, has either been filmed or is going to be filmed... could Colton Haynes Departure from Arrow mean that we may be seeing Titans join the Arrowverse and gain Arsenal as a main character for its ranks? It is a incredible long shot but we can hope. If that does not pan out, We fear we will never fully understand the reasoning behind his departure.

So what did you make of Arsenal leaving Arrow? Do you like us suspect the hand of something more powerful than TV bosses at work? Or do you think that the possibility of the Titans being part of the Arrow world could happen and perhaps Roy has gone to join them? Only time will tell.

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