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For those of you who have yet to see the trailer for the new Ant-Man film...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Okay, rant over. Seriously though, if you haven't seen it, it's well worth the watch.

Okay, now that you can no longer say you haven't seen it, let's break it down.

We open on a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Nothing important here except that we are obviously in San Francisco.

Here, we see Darren Cross entering what appears to be some sort of reactor chamber as he says, "Imagine a soldier... the size of an insect."

As he finishes this line, we see [Ant-Man](movie:9048) appear.

Cross calls the Ant-Man technology "The ultimate secret weapon".

Everyone in the audience applauds. Everyone but Hank Pym.

A shot of Pym Industries from across the bay as Pym says (likely to Cross) that giving these abilities to everyone will end in disaster.

Here we see Hope Van Dyne discussing with Pym how to stop "him", likely referring to Cross.

Scene cuts to Scott Lang in prison.

...Getting ready for a beatdown.

Pym tells Lang, "I've been watching you for a while. You're different."

Pym talking to Lang, likely at the prison. Pym offers him a chance at redemption: a chance to be Ant-Man.

Pym takes Lang to his lab, which is noticeably NOT at Pym Industries, indicating that he may be trying to hide his work from Cross's prying eyes.

Lang says his days of breaking into places and stealing stuff are over.

As we are shown what are likely flashbacks from Lang's career as a burglar.

Lang asks what Pym wants him to do. Pym coyly responds, "I want you to break into a place and steal some stuff."

Next, we see a shot of the Ant-Man suit, which is either Pym's gift to Lang in order to break into the aforementioned place or what Pym wants Lang to steal when he gets there.

Next, we see Lang suited up and about to press the button that will shrink him to the size of an ant.

Lang meets his allies for the first time and decides that they're actually kind of cute.

Next, we see him in an ant hill running with his new buddies and learning to control and communicate with them.

Suddenly, the scene jumps to a full-sized Lang running like mad towards his enemies...

...Only to shrink down and seemingly vanish.

He leaps through a bullet hole in the glass...

...And climbs the gun, runs along the barrel, and knocks out the man holding it.

The scene jumps to Lang asking Hope to show him how to punch. She demonstrates. Lang wishes she hadn't.

Cross is clearly annoyed that Pym has tried to deny him access to the Ant-Man technology.

Here, Hope and Pym (and the audience) see Yellowjacket for the first time.

A full-sized Yellojacket is threatening, "You tried to hide your suit from me. And now, it's gonna blow up in your face and destroy everyone you care about."

Here we see Lang falling out of a helicopter flying over the bay.

Yellowjacket is having difficulties with hitting a shrinking target.

Finally, Yellowjacket catches on and shrinks as well, continuing the battle at ant size.

Lang says, "I'm Ant-Man" as though he's clearly not a fan of the name.

And apparently, Yellowjacket's not a big fan of it, either. Lang excuses himself, saying it wasn't his idea.

We suddenly flash back to the tiny battle as Yellowjacket prepares to be run over by Thomas the Tank Engine.

Then, a moment of humor as a perspective shot helps us realize just how small of a scale this fight is actually happening on.

The trailer wraps up by showing Ant-Man and Yellowjacket throwing toy trains at one another like five-year-olds in a sandbox.

Are you pumped for the Ant-Man movie after seeing that trailer?


Was one trailer enough to make you want to see this movie?


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