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[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) hits cinemas this month, and while Marvel fans wait to watch the latest installment in the MCU, we're also seeing all the usual merchandise appear... with surprisingly few options for female fans. Despite Marvel's growing recognition of it's huge female fanbase, many of the companies who license characters for toys and clothes have come under fire for excluding Black Widow (and the new addition Scarlett Witch) from many of their products.

Just like when Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise appeared with Gamora noticeably absent, it seems that Avengers: Age of Ultron toymakers are massively underestimating the market for little girls who love the franchise just as much as their male counterparts. Frustrating as this is (and beautifully summed up in blogs such as this one from Rants From Mommy or this from Comic Book Resources), it seems like the toy manufacturers aren't the only ones making such a huge mistake.

Gillette, the razor manufacturer, recently promoted a humorous video advertising their new line of razors based on the team of heroes, including one for Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America. (Check out a full article about them here.) However, as usual, Black Widow (and Hawkeye) are nowhere to be found.

Clearly, it's not a serious ad (unless Gillette is holding out on us with some seriously cool technology), but it's still plugging their Fusion razor, and it's still proving that Gillette is a firm believer in gender-specific products.

Take a look at their actual range, and you'll see that they are clearly divided into those "manly" black and grey razors (including man-appropriate colors like dark blue and orange), and pretty shades of pastels for the ladies. Their marketing department focuses on the "fact" that women need floral scents and tropical imagery for our delicate hairs, while men absolutely require CSI-worthy shots of shaving and thumping music to suit their shaving needs.

Head. In. Hands.

Honestly, though - this isn't life or death. Luckily, I can still mince into the local superstore in stilettos and purchase whichever razor I want, even if it's in the "man" section of the store. The really sad part of this is that they missed out on just the best opportunity for a second, and far funnier video.

Black Widow cares about smooth legs!
Black Widow cares about smooth legs!

Picture the scene. The usual fluffy, "feminine" ad for a razor, except that instead of a scantily clad, shiny looking gal with swinging hair, we have.... a superheroine. Grab a Scar Jo lookalike covered in dirt and a torn costume, heading for the shower after a long hard day of kicking ass, and using the Gillette "Assassin" - a sleek yet curvy black razor with gold accents. Or Scarlett Witch, whose razor would be able to simply alter the fabric of your body to send that pesky hair to an alternate dimension. (Seriously. I want those razors.)

How hilarious would it be to see a take off of the head-shakingly sexist beauty product industry with a sweet voiceover telling ladies how we can be smoother than smooth... even on those "tough days" when you just don't have time to shave before saving the world?

Despite the fact that these are not real products, I'm still going to guess that Gillette didn't pay for that kind of advertising without any plans to use it in some shape or form, and I want to see a "women's" razor based on a comic book character. I hate seeing companies still refusing to realize that shaving products really don't need to be pink and flowery to remove a little leg hair, but so much more than that, I hate seeing the opportunity for a really great comedic opportunity go to waste.

Sigh. A moment of silence for the fallen joke, if you will.


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