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Hey I’m back!

Let switch it up to relationships that just ruined lives or at the least inconvenience them. Number one offender Peter Parker! Technically it’s probably daredevil again but we need a little more time away from his “destroy everything he loves” style of dating. So let’s go with the one who even feels bad when he stands someone up for coffee to save the world. what do you have for us Spidey?

Betty Brant was originally a secretary at the daily bugle and was Peters first girlfriend. In fact in issue #142 of The Amazing Spider-Man Peter tells Mary Jane Watson that Betty was his first.

Lucky F@%#-ing Bastard
Lucky [email protected]%#-ing Bastard

But this isn't a list of good things that happen to superheroes, so lets get into the meat of it. Her brother was accidentally killed during a fight with Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus, she blamed Spider-Man(which happens to him like ALL the time).

Some time later Betty broke up with Peter due to his inability to commit time to her and she eventually married Bugle reporter Ned Leeds. wow that wasn't to bad I guess we can move on to the next - What? There’s more? OK here we go…

Later on, it became clear that Ned Leeds was in fact the villain Hobgoblin, although it later turned out that he was a brainwashed pawn of the real Hobgoblin. During a point where Ned try’s to frame Flash Thompson as the hobgoblin, Betty discovered that Ned and Hobgoblin were one and the same. Because of this revelation, coupled with Ned's murder by the Foreigner, she suffered a complete mental breakdown. But don’t worry she gets better, even becomes a reporter. A lot other things happen to her that are unfortunate buy they aren't really spider-mans fault so we don't count them. To be honest, most of the things that happen to her are her own fault or just unfortunate and she blows it out of proportion. She makes a lot of bad decisions. MOVING ON!

Carlie Cooper is a forensic specialist of the New York Police Department's Crime Scene Unit. A lot of things happen to her for just know OF spider-man, but we are going to focus on the things that happen well they dated. During the events that lead to the "Spider-Island" story line, she gains spider-powers due to the Jackal's genetically-altered bedbugs, with the addition of organic webs. However, her mutation, like the millions of others in New York City, turns her into a monstrous spider-being.

After this event she breaks up with him when she figures out that he is spider man furious that she has been lied to. At which point she never turns into anything again… except for the next that she does. Carlie is kidnapped by Menace and brought to the Goblin King's lair. The Green Goblin sprayed the Goblin Formula on her, transforming her into one of them, and nicknamed her "Monster."

And then wins an Oscar?
And then wins an Oscar?

Wrong one.


There we go! Well after it was all said and done Carlie decided to leave New York, Because since its only a square mile town they would have no choice but to see each other and not a GIGANTIC city with boroughs apart from each other to live in. But that's happens every time a writer can't think of a reason for support character to not talk to protagonist any more. Next!

Milla Donovan was born blind and dedicated herself to improving its conditions by working in the Hell's Kitchen Housing Commission. One day Milla was crossing the street and was nearly run over, though fortunately Daredevil swooped in and saved her just in time. Later, when the rumor about Daredevil's secret identity entered the public domain, Milla tracked down Matt Murdock and asked him out on a date. Murdock refused to admit anything about his superhero antics, but was intrigued enough to begin dating. Within a short time the two visually challenged love birds were married and that my friends is when shit started hit the fan.

Now since this is at a point when everyone knew who he was DD was getting attacked buy his enemy like all the time. So she spent a lot of time running for her life. It probably didn't help that he had become New York City’s Kingpin in order to control crime as best he could while still mourning the death of Karen page. Milla, believing that she was merely a rebound marriage for Matt after Karen’s death, had their marriage annulled, by now she had become so consumed by fear and worry that she had begun seeing a therapist to cope with the stress he brought to her life. This turned out to be Mr. Fear who used his fear gas to slowly drive her insane until she finally pushed a random civilian in front of a train, killing him, and was committed for it.

at least she is safe?
at least she is safe?

My last one is kind of an odd one: Elizabeth "Betty" Ross the love the hulk. The only daughter of General Thaddeus E "Thunderbolt" Ross, who himself spent years hunting the hulk. So pretty much from the get-go she has had a rough one. but skipping the regular issues of crap, lets look at the especially bad times.

Villain MODOK kidnaps her and subjects her to gamma radiation, at a higher level than Banner had been subjected to, transforming her into the insane and lethal Harpy creature. Which is probably the superhero equivalent of your wife sitting in your section when your a waiter.

Betty learned that her long association with the Hulk had left her dying from gamma radiation poisoning. The Hulk's archenemy the Abomination out of revenge for his brutal defeat by the Hulk learned of this and then somehow used a transfusion of his own gamma-irradiated blood to poison her and Betty died.

I don't think he will take this well at all
I don't think he will take this well at all

She came back later but as a super hero so we can't count that time at all.( maybe in part three)

Well that's it for now. I’m going to leave with some close but no cigar candidates: Now I could add wolverine to this list but he does most of his dating in a way that seems like that shit would go down superpowers or not. I also wanted to add Wally west for the miscarriage of his wife Linda Park, but time travel fixed that one. In fact most heroes don’t seem to worry about this kind of thing. It’s mostly a street-level, or loner or rookie kind of problem. You don’t see people doing this to Thor’s girl? Maybe it’s the hammer. Until next time! Later!!


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