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There's no denying it, Google Street View is an incredible and impressive feat. When it first arrived on the scene, I was absolutely blown away by the fact I could essentially visit any corner of the globe. For my grandmother, it was a more terrifying ordeal. When I brought up her house on Street View she immediately ran (well, shuffled) to the window to try and catch a glimpse of whoever, or whatever, it was filming her home.

As it turns out, my Nana had good reason to be fearful. Google Street View is in fact filled with various bizarre, creepy, and downright scary images. Here are some of them.

Birds of a Fear-ther Flock Together

This strange scene was snapped beside a road in Musashi, Japan. Although this might look like a group outing for a gang of murderous pigeon obsessed cultists, it is in fact nothing more than a group of pigeon roleplayers - which is apparently a thing in Japan. To be honest, I'm not sure if that is just a euphemism for a murderous pigeon obsessed cult.

The Demon of Nancy

This strange figure was spotted on a balcony in Nancy, France. It appears to show a contorted emaciated figure who has presumably come home from an afternoon cycle. In reality, the figure is most likely a large Tiki statue, although Google itself has helped to propagate claims it's actually something else. The figure has now been blurred out, leading some paranormal enthusiasts to suggest Google is part of a cover-up.

Gumby Assault

This one is just bizarre. In this picture we appear to see two young boys attacking someone dressed in a Gumby costume. I'm not sure who's in the wrong here, but to honest I can't help feel the boys' actions are justified.

Los Bandidos Enmascarados

More creepy masked figures, although this time from Mexico. I'm not sure what these guys want, but I know I wouldn't hang around to find out. Step on it!

Déjà Street View

Is this a glitch in Google Street View, or a glitch in The Matrix?

A Gas-tly Sight

If you go down to the woods today, you'll certainly be in for a big surprise. More explicitly, some strange dude crouching in the woods wearing a gas mask.

Calling Shotgun

These residents in Detroit clearly took a dislike to Google snapping their street, so much so one of them came out with a shotgun. Maybe they prefer Firefox?

Dolling Out The Terror

Ok, this is legitimately quite a creepy one. Strange figures on the side of the road are weird enough, but the story behind them is even more bizarre. In Nagaro, Japan, an old woman spends much of her day making life-sized dolls of former villagers who have either left or died. She then places them on the side of the road, although the dolls are rarely in the same place twice. But get this... the woman claims she never moves them...

A Street View To A Kill

Do not fear, these are not really human remains dumped unceremoniously in a Chilean dumpster. They are in fact nothing more sinister than shop mannequins. Although admittedly, they are the creepiest mannequins I've ever seen.

We, Like, Come In Peace Dude

This chilled out visitor from another world was snapped hanging out by the side of the road at a yard sale. It just goes to show everyone loves a good bargain.

Wayne and Garth Are Time Travellers

Not so creepy, but certainly kind of strange. In this picture we see Wayne World's Wayne and Garth on a stroll in what appears to be a sleepy English town. There's probably an innocent explanation for all this, but I prefer to think Garth and Wayne have somehow broken through the barrier between reality and fiction.

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