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With Star Wars Celebration literally right around the corner, and a firm promise of the unveiling of a shiny new The Force Awakens trailer, poster and, more than likely, some additional extra special awesomeness, excitement is literally frothing in the corners of the globe. Well, I'm ridiculously stoked anyway.

But, luckily for us, one of the additional extra special Star Wars reveals has arrived on the internet a little earlier than planned. A full body image of the new stormtrooper armor, taken from the SWC program, is currently making waves across the web and for good reason too, because it looks damn good!

See for yourself:

The #SWCA Program! #TFA

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Though the news may not fill you with an over zealous need to strip off and run down your road screaming "F*CK YAAAAASSS!", due to earlier speculation over the design, leaked shots of the helmet and, of course, the reveal in The Force Awakens' teaser trailer. But it is endearing that J.J. Abrams and co have decided to go back to a style not too removed from the concept art of Ralph McQuarrie.

Ralph McQuarrie's stunning concept art
Ralph McQuarrie's stunning concept art

And a closer look at McQuarrie's Stormtrooper design:

What up, lighsabered stormtrooper?!
What up, lighsabered stormtrooper?!

So, What's Changed Then?

Harking back to McQuarrie's astonishing concept art for the original trilogy, the new stormtroopers' armor has been, I'd say, drastically refined, moving away from a plasticky, unprotective suit to a more robust, sleek and practical piece of armor. I mean, stormtroopers now get a helpful thigh-mounted holster for their blaster pistols! Handy.

And, speaking of the blaster pistols, have you noticed their sweet new chrome detailing?

As much as I love the original stormtrooper design, it is very much set in its time. What with the heeled shoes and plastic moulding on the torso and right knee that doesn't really seem to serve a purpose but to look damn cool. The new armor looks as if it could take a number of hits from a rifle and still maintain optimal protection.

So there we have it, a closer look at the official garb of the new stormtroopers!

What did you make of it?

I cannot wait to see them in action.

(Source: Star Wars Underworld, Instagram, Geek-Orthodox)


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