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Deadpool's production in Vancouver is currently drawing a lot of eyes, especially considering it's closed off various roads and bridges for what appears to be an explosive action sequence.

A lot of photographers have been catching glimpses of Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool garb, but they also snapped what appears to be a kind of CGI reference bust.

Some sites, such as WhatCulture, are reporting that this is likely the CGI reference for Colossus - an X-Men crossover character rumored to appear in Deadpool (we recently also saw a very tall stand-in actor wearing a grey motion capture suit on set). However, there is a second, perhaps more interesting theory. But first of all, check out the bust below:

As many fans have pointed out, the bust appears to bear an uncanny resemblance to Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds. In particular, it seems it could actually be a reference to Wade Wilson's Weapon XI transformation that appears at the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine - except that his lips have not been sewn together. The belief it could be Colossus might simply stem from the fact the metal bust does appear to look like the X-Men character in his metal form, however this could just be a coincidence resulting from the practicalities of creating a bust.

So, this leads us to another question. Why is there a bust of Ryan Reynolds on a set which features the very-much real Ryan Reynolds? Well, speculation suggests this could be one of Deadpool's signature fourth-wall breaks.

The Merc With a Mouth is well-known as perhaps the only Marvel comicbook character who seems to know he's actually in a comicbook. Several times throughout his history he has talked directly to the reader, made references to Marvel movies and other comicbooks, and one time even ripped up the pages of the very comicbook he was currently in.

Considering Deadpool's involvement in X-Men: Origins was extremely controversial with fans, it's not outside the realm of possibility that the Deadpool movie will also poke fun at this fact. Could the bust therefore be used as a reference for a fourth-wall breaking moment, or is it, as others have suggested, simply a bust for Colossus? Personally, I hope it's the former. What about you?

Source: WhatCulture


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